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Does anyone no of a shop in London where I could buy a universal wall mount for an optoma hd33 , bit of an impulse buy yesterday most places I've seen have only got ceiling mounts , I know I could order one off the net , but I'm pretty desperate to get
one today


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I know you wanted it this afternoon and sadly I can't help with that, but I too was not able to get a wall mount that didn't cost the earth from a shop so we did the following:

That's a 28cm deep IKEA EKBY JÄRPEN shelf cut down to 16" width with EKBY BJÄRNUM brackets.
We got an Optoma ceiling mount from the local bestbuy closing down sale for £30 and stuck 8mm bolts through the shelf into the mount then used trunking from B&Q to hide the cables :)

OK it's not the most elegant of solutions, but it was something I could have now rather than waiting for delivery. The missus and I were too eager to get it on the wall to wait! lol.
The PJ is an Optoma HD67N for size reference and I have around 10cm clearance round the back for cables etc.
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