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Hi experts :smashin:

Just purchased the Toshiba 42x3030 and need to have the set mounted via a bracket that would allow the set to be pulled out from the wall and twisted etc.

As this is a big screen im terrified at the prospect of it falling from the wall within an hour of it being mounted..
Problem is, I have no other option due to the position in the room and to allow viewing from as many angles as possible.

So heres where I need your help...

1. My brother has mounted his tv via a bracket that sits flush with his wall and doesnt move, he reckons he can do mine....... Should I accept his generous offer or get a pro in to do it for me?

2. The wall its to be put on is an outside wall on a relatively newbuild home (13 years) and when I tap the wall I can hear hollow sections and then what sounds like brick... Could this type of wall take the wait of a 42" tv on a swingout mount?

3. Can anyone recommend a suitable bracket, while I wouldnt want to go to overboard price wise id rarther be safe and skint than loaded and on the search for a builder to replace my wall after the tv pulls half of it away..lol

Hope theres someone out there that can offer a bit of advice cause this sites been a godsend...


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Well ive just purchased the 42c3030d and im about to purchase a bracket also .
One thing i think you may need to watch out is the clearance at the rear of the tv . For example i have chased phono cables into the wall and shall drop them onto a scart adaptor at the rear of the tv . Thing is i just cottened on that the scart plugs are not placed under the rear but rather on the rear , hance with a phono lead attached to a scart adaptor it may be a problem . Had a look at the tosihba website and the picture shows the scart sockets recessed into the rear of the tv ( not sure how far though ) .
May take a wizz over to currys later today to check the tv rear out .
The bracket i had in mind was item no - Item number: 260151912607 on ebay .
Looks a good jobbie but clearance would be my concern .


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The wall is likely to be block with plasterboard dot and dabbed onto it.

When you tap and think its solid its probably the dot and dab part.

But you never can tell unless you are there.

That size TV on a moving pivot..........well.........the walls good enough but have you the skill and kit required??

Smaller non pivoting TV give it a try ,but maybe not this one.



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I am looking at pretty much the same situation.

The best price/quality swinging mount I've come across for a 42" is the Premier Mounts AM250.

It has a scissor action so it can sit flush against the wall or pull out and swing.

The cheapest I've seen it was about £110 delivered. Although I can't remember which site that was.

I haven't confirmed with anyone that it'll fit etc, but according to all the places that sell it, it'll do the job.... and not as pricey as some.


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