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I am about to install a LG B8 OLED TV and a Sky Q Mini Box in a room. The TV will be on a slim 19mm wall bracket, due to the design the top half of the TV is very thin as the electronics are all at the bottom. Once mounted this should leave a gap of around 55-60mm from the wall the top of the TV. I am considering wall mounting the Q Mini Box in the open space at the top of the rear of the TV. Has anyone wall mounted the Q Mini Box this way, or is this likely to have any issues with heat or wifi signal etc?
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Looks like no one has done it. You have identified the issues. Good luck.


The option of mounting it behind the TV has been discussed several times here. Mainly to do with remote control, but BT sorts that out.

Unless the TV gets seriously hot (which it won't) go for it and report back. Sounds like a tidy solution to me.


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I think for the Sky Q box itself this is a bit of no no, but for the mini it should be OK and it seems like there are a lot of people selling mounts for them now...

Mr X

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I have 2 minis stuck to the back of 2 TVs with velcro and another one stuck to the cantilever arm . All 3 have been there since launch (about 2 years I think) with no issues at all
The IR signal has no problem bouncing off surfaces either.
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