Wall mount for Panasonic Plasma 50" TH-PZ80U


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Yes that's the older Panasonic standard, and as I have stated most universal brackets for up to 60" will fit it just fine, it's not anything out of the ordinary you need.

Timmy C

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Just be careful of weight limits if you are buying a swing arm or similar type. I found when looking for one for a 50" a couple of years back that some of them weren't suitable for heavy plasma tellys despite being advertised as for 60" tv's. It wasn't hard to find a suitable one though.

Timmy C

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Looking at the bit that fixes to the TV I can't see how you could have any problem with it fitting. I'm assuming you are in the US but you could use the bracket finder in the link below to see what alternatives there are then shop around for better prices.



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I need your help with something different. I put the wrong size screw in the pedestal with the TV on and I stripped the screw. Can't unscrew it and can't turn it. Do you have any ideas what I could do?

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