Wall mount for LE5900

scott dft

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Hi Lee,
Bit worried though about the 14.5mm clearence from wall. One problem with the LE5900, for cost saving most of the connectors are wired straight onto a PCB on the back so project straight out of the back and aren't recessed either. So while real thin, connecting through the back you'll see needs depth at the rear.

Have ours still on stand as think would probably need a tilt bracket to give the further clearence, not sure if we want the TV 'hovering' out from the wall.

Were you just using the fourth HDMI (side mounted) and ariel which is thankfully downward facing and recessed?


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Using 2 HDMI's ATM but i supose i could use a HDMI switch thingy and plug it in the side socket, but yea i see what you mean about it needing a deep hole in the wall overwise.

Cheers buddy

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