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Wall Mount Advice for 50"


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Seen a few wall mount advice threads, but would just like my own plan put through the ringer. I want to wall mount my Panny P50G20 onto a stud wall. I've identified the studs but there is only one in range of the wall bracket i have (from m-formonline, it is the MF3252TB tilt bracket). The stud in range of the bracket would only be in range of 4 screws in a vertial line (for those who know the bracket, the second line of holes on the left side of the large centre square). Would they be enough to support the weight of the TV along with other 'plaster' screw supports?

Or should i think about running a baton between two studs horizontally to allow more fixings (not a problem, next door neighbour is a plasterer and would do it for a few beer tokens but would rather avoid the mess)?

I've shown this in an image attached.

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MR KEFKEF - the question must be raised, what is the price you attach to peace of mind? If you are as meticulous about your electronics as you are about preparation and planning, then I would think you might be more settled in mind and spirit if you span the gap with your 'baton'.

The 50 inch plasma you have intentions of mounting tips the scales at 57.3 pounds, which is certainly of a heft I would want to ensure my arrangements could sustain; I just really do not have that level of certainty with your using one stud and plaster-screws. That being said plaster certainly has different properties than drywall which I believe (and I do not think I am alone in this) are to its favor in matters of supporting weight; but without so much intimate knowledge on the matter as I would like, I cannot in my right mind say one way or the other with any certainty.

The only statement that I can stand behind with certainty is that if you choose not to reinforce the mount and it one day (god forbid) fails resulting in damage done to you, the TV, or the room it will certainly make any expenditure on reinforcement pale in comparison.


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How far would you need to move the bracket to the right to get it fixed into the other stud?

The reason I ask is that you can mount the TV off-centre on the bracket. The TV has fixing points of 400mm horizontally and the bracket will allow up to 700mm so in theory you have 150mm left and right to play with. So you can mount your bracket to both studs but have the TV set off to the left so it is in your preferred position.

Hope this helps.



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Had a look, by mounting as you suggest it wouldnt put the TV in the direct centre of the wall (too much OCD to cope with if that happens!! :D ). Decided to cut the plasterboard and take a large rectangle out, put two wooden 'bars' across where the wall bracket will screw onto, replace plasterboard and touch up and then mount onto the 'bars'. Will also mean i can cut vertically and insert a channel for the HDMI and Optical cables to the Amp in a cabinet below.

Cheers for the option though, will bearit in mind for any future installations as i wouldnt have thought of that.

Doing the work one night this week, will take some pictures to show so anyone in same position in the future can see how i did it.




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Sounds like the option you've gone for will work best all round anyway then. Just a bit more hoovering up to do afterwards!

Looking forward to seeing the results...



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Finally finished (well, finished about a week ago, just been enjoying the new plasma and blu-ray player too much!). My nextdoor neighbour couldnt help, so just got on with it myself! I dont think the wifey actually appreciates the importance of these types of jobs, how come she thinks i should finish decorating other rooms first! :D

Plasterboard cut with normal stanley knife, removed the platerboard carefully from wall in sections afterwards:

Strengthening wood inserted by drilling small guide holes and then fixing with 50mm brass woodscrews (fully screwed in not as in picture):

Old plasterboard put back on using 'No More Nails' and a couple of plaster nails, then filled using polyfilla original:

After lots of sanding to get the wall flat, attached the bracket using 19 (one broke with torque of drill) M8 x 60mm coach screws (wall depth meant i couldnt use anything else) in small guide holes, no rawl plugs. In all 6 screws in the vertical and 13 in the horizontal:

Finished look before mounting:

TV on wall:

Behind the wall is two runs of plastic ducting with 3 HDMI 1.4 cables and an optical digital in one, and power in another. These come out into simple single gang sockets recessed slightly into wall. Had to use all spacers provided with kit from m-formonline as the HDMI cables wouldnt fit properly behind the telly without them.

If i was to do it again, i would probably get some new plasterboard and give it a skim to go back on the wall rather than re-use the old stuff, as the time taken to get it up was mainly to do with trying to get the wall level again by sanding. In all, if i had been able to go at it fully, i reckon i spent about a day in total getting it sorted. Kit used was Cordless drill, Stanley knife, half a tub of polyfilla, 8 x brass wood screws, 20 x coach screws, 1 tube of no more nails, touch up paint for walls.

Best thing i can say, is dont be scared to get the stanley knife out and cut chunks out, this is the first bit of this type of DIY i've done and it turned out ok! :smashin:

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