Wall mount a TV without an AV cabinet underneath?


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Has anyone done this?

Basically I want to put a TV on a wall in a open-plan kitchen/living area.

However we will have an 80cm high dining table bench pushed up against the same wall the TV will be on, so I can't have a cabinet below it.

The base of the TV will be approx. 85cm high, which is a bit higher than I would normally like but I'll just put it on a tilting wall mount and angle it down towards us.

What options do I have, to place the following near the floor, and keep them hidden away, If I can't use a traditional AV cabinet?

Sky Q 2tb box.
Panasonic UB820 4k Blu-ray player.
Denon 4700 AVC


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This is sort of what I mean - But the TV will be bigger.



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I would say what you need is some kind of small hi-fi rack - one that isn't necessarily designed to take a TV on top of it (so not much wider than your gear), which could be located to one side of the table. Not sure what you'd do about cable management though ? Presumably you also have external speakers to wire up ?

It could also potentially be located underneath the table which would make it less visible, however a lack of legroom (if the table is deigned to be used in that location) and the line-of-sight needed for IR remotes could both be issues.

So something like this for example, or maybe one with glass doors (as it's in a kitchen) might be a better option to protect from dust and grime if it's near the cooking area. I can't see a way of hiding your AV gear away, unless you can incorporate them into another nearby piece of furniture ?

85cm from the floor might put a large (65"+) TV a bit above the ideal eye-level but it's not actually that high - you might get away without a tilting bracket, particularly if viewing from across the other side of the room. Presumably you won't be wanting to watch the TV while sat at the table in front of it ?! :D


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Thanks for your response.

That is actually an image of the room from Rightmove before we bought it.

I am planning to have a similar setup, albeit the TV is a wall-dominating 83" Sony OLED and I won't have a soundbar. There will be Q Acoustics 3010 speakers on the wall either side of the TV and I will possibly use the TV as a centre channel (It's an A90J) - depending on how the timbre fits.

If not I will have to wall mount my Q Acoustics 3090 centre speaker underneath, but that will put the TV even higher, so not ideal...I don't like centre speakers above the TV.

I am talking to a wall mounting guy on Wednesday about installing it and perhaps putting a channel behind the wall for cable management. Realistically there's going to have to be something shallow on the floor underneath the table to house the things I mentioned in the OP, and it will need to be able to see IR signals (though we have a Logitech Harmony system)

The table is designed to be used there, when it's just me and my wife eating dinner - but not to watch TV from. Or we can pull it out when we have guests over and put some chairs the other side.

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You could have the rack/unit on the corner and use a channel from there to the TV, it'll be more work but would keep everything neat.

Alternatively, you could have a wall-mounted unit and have it underneath the table or side-on from the TV, have the AV stuff hidden behind doors or glass and a couple of open shelves for framed pics or whatever your taste runs to for decor.

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