Wall Mount 75" TV on to Plasterboard Wall


I have bought a LG 75" LED TV, 75NANO816PA, I have put on stand onto my TV cabinet but I really wanted it on the wall but I was told by the Currys delivery men that I should not put it on the wall because it is not a brick wall it is plasterboard.
I have just taken down a 65" TV, and the same bracket will fit onto the 75" TV, but it weights 10kg more than the 65", I am not to sure of what to do, just wondering if anybody out there having the same problem can you please help.

Thanks Julie.


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Need to know what's behind the plaster board. Outside wall? Partition wall? Use the correct fixing and you should be fine.


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If you can locate & tap into that beam/woodwork that supports the plasterboard for the fixing screws as I have done- you’re good to go.

Not used one as I knew where my stud work was but this might help..

The StudBuddy Magnetic Stud Finder Amazon product


Need to know what's behind the plaster board. Outside wall? Partition wall? Use the correct fixing and you should be fine.
Thank you for your reply, the wall is a partition wall one side the living room the other the kitchen, one of the delivery drivers knock on that wall he said because it sounded hollow that it should not go on it. When I had the 65" tv up my brother put the wall mount up with Hallow Wall Anchors plugs and he used 6 of them, the 65" weights 26kg and the 75" weights 36kg.


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The delivery driver doesn't know what he's talking about. You can mount heavy items on hollow plasterboard walls - you just need to use the right fixings and/or make use of the studwork.

For example - I have large double radiators fixed to plasterboard walls using metal hollow wall anchors like these and those radiators will weigh far more than a large TV.

There are other types of fixings that I wouldn't trust though - plastic fixings like these (for example) aren't really suitable for fixing something heavy to a hollow wall, IMO. Stick to metal fixings (something that opens out behind the plasterboard rather than screws into it) and use plenty of them to spread the load. If a couple of screws can be located in the studwork, then that will make the bracket even more secure.

If you've had a 65" TV on your current bracket without any problems, the new TV weighs less than the maximum recommendation and the correct hollow wall fixings have been used, then you might be able to use the existing bracket. An experienced DIYer should be capable of making that decision, IMO.

Before you go any further, I would find out the maximum weight your current bracket is capable of and ask your brother what wall fixings he used.


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Hi I have a similar issue. I have a 75" LG - 75SK8100PLA which weighs 38.8kg.

I want it mounted to a hollow plasterboard partition wall which has wooden studs, I have confirmed the location of the studs using magnets. There somehow seems to be a small space between the wooden studs and the plasterboard wall itself.

I know about the wall anchors in the link above. They might not be right for bridging a gap between the stud and plaster board wall though.

This guy does a good review on these Corefix fixtures which seem very strong. Has anyone ever used them?

Though I'm sure there will be a bracket + fixtures that can support the weight of the TV I am actually worried if the wooden studs will hold the weight over time. What 'mikej' said about mounting his radiators sounds encouraging though.




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Not to highjack this thread but what would people say the limit is here? Got a 86 inch 55kg TV on the way and hoping to mount it with the LG gallery mount, would that be ok to go on an apartment (plasterboard) wall? Thanks


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Always screw into the studs (framing) no matter what. The tv wall crash down if using hollow anchors for plasterboard.
2. Don't buy a nanocell as they have among the worst picture quality and is one of the most badly reviewed tvs on the market.

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