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Hopefully someone can help, I have put up 2 wall lights but when I flick the switch nothing happens.

From the first point I have 2 cables each with a neutral and live wire and a bare wire which I assume is the live? 1 of these cables feeds the other wall light. From the 2 cables I have stripped and fed both live and neutral into the light and both the bare wires to where the live should be. I then hooked up the other light with the 1 cable poking out the wall.

When I switch the lights on nothing happens. Here's a picture of the wiring, am I doing it correctly??




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Bare wire the live?! No, no, no! The bare wire is the earth, and should be sleeved with green and yellow PVC sleeving. Are you sure youve turned the MCB back on? No offence intended, but with what youve written in your post, I would get a professional in!


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Hi, sounds like your not sure and it would be best to get a pro do your electrics if you are not sure. I have seen far too many dangerous installations and one other thing to consider is your home insurance if you cause a fire from wrongly connecting things up then they might use that as a reason not to pay out.

But if you wish to continue and assuming there is power in the circuit then from the picture you show this looks fine although I would recomend earth sleave (green/yellow) on the bare wires. So that would lead me to think there is either an issue with the way the switch is wired or most likely at the point where the wires teminate most likely in the ceiling which is where most people get confused and connect the switched live wire (normaly has a red sleave on it especialy if the blue wire has been used as a switched live) to the common live that runs around the lighting circuit. So first things first with the power off and using a test meter make sure you have connections between each of the points and use a length of spare wire to make a ciruit bell out each wire. If after that all is connected ok and it still doesn't work then call in help.


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Cheers guys, I got my wording wrong. I have 3 wires, brown, blue and bare. I have connected brown to brown and blue to blue, the earth (bare) wire I have attached to the light fitting.

Having spoken to a electrician friend it might be that the wires might not be connected to the switch which might make sense as there seems to be no power. I think I'll leave it to a pro, there was me thinking it would be a simple case of wiring it in.

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