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    I've been working away from home for the last 6 months and when I get back I'll be doing a redecorate and will fix the pj to the ceiling.

    I don't have the room for a dedicated hifi, don't even own a tv, I use my HT1000 for all my TV use. Now for full blackout conditions I think a white screen is perfect esp since I don't need to emphasis black levels as they are very good with the HT1000.

    So this discussion is about making the best job of it in ambient light conditions. Anyway, for normal telly use its nice to have the lights on sometimes - reading etc anyway I've been using an icestorm 6 screen which works quite well. I think when I get back I'll stump up for the Da-lite HCCV fabric and make my own fixed screen. (still thinking about DLG goo but not so sure if its as bright as the HCCV)

    In ambient light the deepest black is the colour of the screen with the pj off and the contrast comes from how bright the pj is. Anyway I'm thinking about all those illusion diagrams that show how the eye is deceived by brightness when looking next to a reference. Thats the reason we like black surrounds to the screen so it emphasis the white from the pj.

    All the walls in the room should ideally be dark to prevent light reflection, fair enough, but the rear wall doesn't reflect onto the screen directly. If the rear wall is very dark then the whites will be enhanced, however if you had a white wall and a grey screen, wouldn't the blacks be enhanced in ambient light?

    I might experiment when I get back and paint the rear wall lighter than the grey screen but not white. The grey screen should then look darker than the wall in ambient light and work better, and still should be darker than the screen with the PJ showing white? In full blackout the rear wall colour should not make any difference at all, assuming the side walls and ceiling do not reflect back onto the walls.

    Some of this has been discussed on AVS forums - using bias lighting to make the rear wall lighter and the screen darker and some have tried white surrounds instead of black.

    Maybe bias lighting in ambient light is easier to pull off and saves me having to keep repainting, has anyone tried bias lighting to combat ambient light. Just a thought.

    Have a look at the bottom two or three pictures from the goo gallery here:

    Look how good the picture of Gandalf is in ambient light, is that the digital grey (not the light) because the screen is much darker than the red brick behind. I wonder what power PJ has been used.

    The lowest picture I think looks like its a light grey, however the surround and rear wall is very light, that picture of the fifth element is certainly good enough for ambient light conditions. What do you all think?


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