Wall Brackets - Make your own ???


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Im close to getting a Panny LXD70 32" and would like to mount it in the corner of my lounge (like a corner TV unit only higher) as we dont really have anywhere else to put the screen thats sensible. Ideally its going to cut accross the corner with a couple of shelves below / above for AV kit with cables running down the back. Rather than getting a swing arm bracket I thought id ask my dad to make a bracket to do the job (Luckily he owns his own engineering company).

Problem is ive never owner flat panel screen so have no idea if this is a logical idea. Would it be difficult to get the correct screws to attach the 'home made' bracket to the screen etc., are these brackets that you can buy some amazing engineering feat that im not aware of ? My boss recently purchases a Lowe LCD and paid £50 for a piece of bent metal with some holes drilled in it.

Or am I better of looking at other options.



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This tv takes a standard 200x100mm VESA mount so so you can get a bracket for less than 15 quid. probably not worth the hassle to DIY your own.

I bought one and the mounting screws seem to be the same diameter/pitch as several I already had lying around the garage.


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Thanks for the response

Ive seen loads of brackets on sale recently for mega bucks so assumed they were all the same.

The reason I was considering the diy route is that I ideally want a bracket that spans a corner in my front room so its not going to sit flat on a wall. First things first I need to get the TV then I can go through the options but at least I know that a standard bracket wont cost the earth.

Cheers :thumbsup:


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I bought a 'univeral' fitting swinging bracket, and the bag of screws supplied included 6mm and 8mm bolts (and lots of spacer washers) to attach the plate to the back of the TV. All standard sizes but you would need to be careful with the length of the screws - don't want them going in deeper than they should. The spacing should be obvious from the TV and will likely be VESA compliant.

I'd thought about making my own bracket too - still thinking of making a new swinging arm as I'm not too impressed with the one supplied. The bushes are plastic and the bore too big for the pivot bolts, so it doesn't swing smoothly and sags a bit.



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Whatever you decide to do I would cut some cardboard to the size of your TV and try this in your room first.

Mounting the TV too high may cause neck ache. So tack the cardboard to the wall and sit down. Does everyone have a good view of the screen? Are there any reflections?

Once you have decided on the position attach the mount to the cardboard and check where it will connect to the wall. Is the mount hidden? But can you still access the rear of the TV for the cables?

In the end I decided to get a 42 inch Plasma for the living room and placed it in the middle of the far wall on an AV Unit. The TH-42PX70B-PED costs about £170 more than the 32 inch LCD but it offers 70% more viewing area.

Hence no-one has a poor view, the sound is better and I prefer the picture from a Plasma because it looks more natural than the LCD.

Don't get me wrong the TX-32LXD70 is a great TV especially for use with HD gaming.

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