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I've just been searching for a wall bracket to mount my 40kg Panasonic Plasma... I was just about to spend £99.95 on this Slimline Universal Tilting Plasma Wall Mount from AVSales

However I've just found this Adjustable Wall Bracket For Large Plasma And LCD Screens at Amazon for £16.50 (+£9.00 p&p). Seems to have good reviews on there too... My two questions are;

1. Has anyone used one of these? Impressions when compared to a £100 bracket as linked to above at AV Sales?
2. Is the RRP really £89.95??


My two cents worth...

I bought what looks identical to that Amazon one at work for a 37" LCD. The TV sticks out a mile from the wall and you see the edges of the mount. So basically it looks crap from the side. Judging by the weight, if you have a 50" plasma this may not be a prob.

Anyway because of that I bought a slimline (non tilting) mount at home for ~£100 for me 40" LCD and its superb, only prob is the tv is a bit close to the wall for the scart lead.


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Been discussed so so many times, just do a search and you'll find all you need to know.

FWIW I bought the flat version for £20 to mount my 50PX70 for it's very low profile and am very pleased with it, as gazwik says you can't say that of this one.


Where has this been discussed before & what search query is going to show threads discussing this wall bracket in particular?


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Doing a search for "amazon wall bracket" turns up loads of references to them and peoples experiences with it and particular tvs.

From a fortnight ago there's a thread that's cunningly titled "55" Plasma Wall Bracket £16.50" :suicide:

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