Walking Headphones f/Smart Phone - Recommendations?


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Not headphones that walk - headphones to wear when walking!

I haven't worn anything of the sort for many years as my ears don't accommodate buds or in-ears very well (buds fall out, in-ears don't go in).

Trying to keep moving and going for walks on lunch hours, looking to start listening to podcasts, audiobooks, radio, the odd bits of music. Really struggling to find what I want though; criteria as follows:
  • £70 max budget.
  • Walks may turn to jogs; must stay put!
  • Rain resistant (or must fit under a hood).
  • Microphone that's good for phone calls.
  • Must allow some ambient noise - don't want to be completely deaf to surroundings.
  • Not bothered if wired or wireless.
  • To be used with 'Oneplus 7 Pro' smartphone (I do have a USB-C to 3.5mm adapter).
Sounds pretty trivial but there's so many shapes and sizes of bands, buds, clips etc and hardly any on-ear options to choose from (obviously given current times I can't try any on!). Audio quality isn't the top priority in this case so sorry if I'm asking in the wrong place. Not looking for over-ear as I'll look like a lost helicopter pilot and I want to hear my surroundings but could stretch to on-ear.



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You can buy, try and return for a full refund from Amazon if not suitable.


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You can buy, try and return for a full refund from Amazon if not suitable.

I know. Trouble is I hate Amazon (so much garbage, plus are they accepting returns during the pandemic on things like headphones?) and am struggling with the sheer amount of choice... Was at least hoping someone with experience could narrow it down a bit!

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