Walkabout makes its way onto Blu-ray in September

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    Nicholas Roeg’s first solo directorial effort arrives on high definition disc

    Whilst Nicholas Roeg had previously co-directed the remarkable Performance with Donald Cammell, Walkabout marked his first time sitting in the director’s chair on his own. The result is a truly beautiful film about nature, culture and youth. Roeg’s previous career as a cinematographer (he directed second unit on Lawrence of Arabia and was famously sacked as cameraman on Doctor Zhivago) really pays dividends in Walkabout, with some truly breathtaking shots of the Australian outback.

    Walkabout stars a gorgeous teenage Jenny Agutter and Roeg’s own son Lucien as two English schoolchildren who become stranded in the Australian outback and are forced to cope on their own. They meet a young Aborigine who is on “walkabout” - a ritualist separation from his tribe - and they form an unlikely friendship. Within this simple story - the original screenplay was only 14 pages long and much of the film was improvised - Roeg fashions one of the most beautifuil and haunting films ever made.


    Walkabout is released on Blu-ray on the 10th of September

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