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Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story Blu-ray Review

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Reviewed by Imran Butt, 2nd October 2008
Judd Apatow tries to serve up the balance between what was achieved in the likes Knocked up and Superbad and what you got given in Talledega Nights and Anchorman. Whilst he achieves it in some measure, the results here always remain a little off the mark. Now that's a real shame as it is clear there has been so much effort gone into making this movie which in itself is worthy of higher praise. In fact it’s quite frustrating as the movie constantly tries to break free and let rip as an out and out comedy but is continually reigned in by the overwhelming level of satire on offer. I have a suspicion that the responsibility for this falls more at the footsteps of Jake Kasdan’s direction of the movie rather than with Apatow himself.
Walk Hard is certainly not a bad comedy and it will make you chuckle and grin. In all it is generally quite an entertaining watch but it's simply not side splitting stuff. The resultant humour will likely not be completely to everybody’s taste. I would hazard a guess that it would also put paid to repeat viewings as you may not find the jokes repeatedly funny. I certainly wouldn’t. That’s not entirely a bad thing but when you have a movie that continually feels the need to underline the satire on offer then that does indeed become a little tiresome.
This US Blu-Ray 2-disc special edition set gives you two versions of the film, the Theatrical Cut and the Unbearably Long Self Indulgent Directors Cut as well as a roster of extras. The extended version has 24 minutes over the original version and I suspect that you may wish to watch each version once to appreciate the differences. The extra 24 minutes give you a bit more padding, a few more expletives and obscenities on offer but in truth add very little to the movie.
Whereas the video quality of this disc is rather disappointingly so-so, the audio on the other hand makes up for it and is very good. The extras on the supplementary disc are plentiful and it's a bumper filled ride. You’ve also got the 16 full length versions of the original songs made specifically for this movie to choose from.
As a prospective purchase this set offers good value for money. I guess if it’s your bag you will want it no matter what, in which case this US release with all the extras is most definitely the one to get.
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