Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story Blu-ray Review

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Reviewed by Brian Day
It’s a bit of a strange one this. Not the film – that’s fine. But I’m finding it difficult which genre I should actually place it in. Comedy? Musical? Drama?
Sure, it’s all three of those. But with an A listed star at the top of the cast list, it certainly lifts itself above such drivel as the (insert genre here) Movie drivel we have had thrown at us lately – yet I can’t help feeling that is where it belongs.
A film about a fictional music star that nods it head towards Walk the Line, Ray and Beyond The Sea and revels in mocking them certainly seems to belong there.
As a Blu-ray package, the picture quality is passable if nothing to write home about. I believe a little bit of post processing has gone on to give the impression that we are in a different era – and it works well.
Unfortunately, all of the extras that could have answered such questions have been left out. This is a real disappointment as if you manage to check the list of what isn’t here, it’s a lot better than what actually is.
The Dolby TrueHD Lossless soundtrack does well to bring the musical pieces alive. The film will never win any awards for its sound design, but the soundtrack here is adequate for the task in hand.
I can recommend Walk Hard to anybody really. Take a look at the theatrical version first. The directors cut does nothing more than pad out what’s there in the first place. Just a pity that Sony has added itself to the growing list of studios that think Europeans don’t want extras on their discs – take note, we do. However, this disc is region free and played fine on my Japanese PS3, so those of you that decide on a rental with region A machines, can rest assured that your £3.99 won’t be wasted.
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