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Nov 5, 2005
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Does anyone know a way to automatically wake up my external hard drive from its "sleep mode", before itunes starts up.

At the moment if itunes starts while the drive is sleeping, the itunes msuic folder reverts back to the default c drive location. So I have to remember to open the drive in explorer before plugging in the ipod or opening itunes (which I keep forgetting to do!)

There's got to be a way! For information I'm using windows xp and the drive is a network hard drive plugged in to a router with a wireless connection to my laptop.

thanks very much
Disable the sleep mode and have it running all the time!
Er yeah cheers, I had actually thought of that :D but its very noisy when running so I do like the sleep mode. Any other ideas?
Sorry, I was feeling a bit cheeky!

You can set them to wake up at a certain time, say when you normally get up.

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