Wait for UK HD DVD player or get Upscaler ?


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Jun 9, 2006
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Does anyone know when a UK HD DVD player is out ?

At the moment I am using an old sony dvd player (which has served me well) on my pd7200. I want to get the dvd i watch to the best possible picture quality that i can.

Is it worth waiting for a HD DVD player (UK) or shall i get something like a Pioneer dv 696 or Denon 1920 in the meantime, both of these are under £150.00.
why do you think you need a scaler ? what screen are you outputing to ? (Is the pd7200 a plasma or lcd ?)

Having a HD DVD will give you great pictures with HD, upscaled DVD is on the whole just a marketing scam. YOu will not get HD quality from DVD just because you scale up the picture.

The time the scaler will help will be if the scaler in the dvd player is better than the one built into your screen. I use a external scaler for sky/dvd and HD. The biggest improvement there is definitely with Sky SD broadcasts.

Does anyone know when a UK HD DVD player is out ?
November. Details to be announced in mid-September but expect it to be in the region of £500.
I thought about getting a scaler, because my pd7200 plasma which is working fine at the moment doesn't seem to play all of my dvds that well.

I have the dvd of Rocky (classic), but it comes through very badly, so much so i turned it straight off !.

Of course this oculd be that my sony ns353 (or 355) only has a scart connection.

So I may get a better picture via component on one of the 2 mentioned dvd players.

Has anyone else has problems playing older dvd's on a plasma screen ?
Get a good DVD player I would say! Why? Because HD-DVD/Blu Ray will take years to take off for your full collection to be upgraded so you will propably still use your DVD Player, esp if you cant make HD-DVD player SD Multi Region. Get the best DVD player you can in your budget/you can afford.
I can certainly notice the difference on poor/old dvds which look much better through my sony ns92 player (via hdmi) than through my gx210 dvd recorder via prog scan component.
cheers fr the reply's guys.

I think i'll just decide whether to get a Sony NS92 or a Pioneer DV696 via hdmi.

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