wait for new HX sony?


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looking to buy my first lcd TV.

want to get it in the next few weeks latest.

it will be for 2D only.

I would like your opinions:
buy the 40hx803
wait for the 40hx723

what do you think?
Is it worth the extra few hundred?
OR is the 803 a great tv?
Ive to make a decision in the next couple of days as the thought process is doing my head in :laugh:



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It's a difficult one, but speaking as somebody that doesn't have the 803 I thought last years Sony models were :thumbsdow, and this years are getting much better feedback so I'd wait to see the new 723 in the flesh rather than rushing out for the 803.

Ideally you want to see both sets and make your decision based on picture quality, do not rule out the newer 723 just because you don't want to wait. Also, if the 723 is much better than the 803 it will cause the 803 price to plummet post launch; but it can sometimes work the other way if the 803 turns out to be better than the newer models.


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yeah, thats the thing - sony doing £200 quid trade in until end of may, but the 723 isnt out till mid june - so i would have to order before seeing.

i also thought alot of the 2010 models were not that good - esp the dark/light patches i saw on the ex713 in currys. ive been told the 803 is particularly good, but... ive not lived with it
part of me says save the £500, other part of me says spend it and do a gamble as the new ex723 has had good reviews so far and the new hx will also be a step up, and ive waited 3 years for a tv. but then my head says no, save yer money (maybe coz im scottish?).
i did almost order the 803 and then felt like "nooooooooooo" as my heart wanted the 723. but then, 500 quid.

i know noone can make the decision for me, am looking for opinions like yours :)


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I wouldn't worry about the trade-in offer, they seem to be permanent and the instant one finishes a new one starts.

I waited ages and ages to get my X3500 which was very well reviewed, but then Sony released the X4500 about 9months later that is arguably the best LCD ever released, and it was for the same price I paid. So instead of having the superior X4500 that is better than any TV Sony currently sell I have a defective X3500 waiting to be repaired.

But you can wait indefinitely for a new model, but when talking about the 2010 Sony range I think waiting is probably best, even though the HX803 was one of the few TVs in the range that were purchasable.

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