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Been in to a few shops looking for either a plasma or a large screen CRT. But a couple of them have told me that its best to wait a few weeks (?) as there is a raft of new products waiting in the wings. Any one else had this suggestion or know anything about any major new models?

john R1

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I think that could be said for most things these days.

Technology is always waiting to pop out, so if you like something i say go for it.

Sometimes its not always good to buy new technology straight away....wait for reviews and others to try first!

Just my thoughts,

Good luck in your decision.

Lolly :D :D


Trouble is you'd never buy anything if you subscribed to this theory :)

It's like saying I will stay with my 486 computer until the latest processor comes out

By the time you wait for the price to drop to something reasonable the next version is out !


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Hitachi has new models and Philips used to release new CRT models around about Feb/March. If the shop said wait then its likely to be true, it would be just as easy for them to take your money there and then. They should be thanked for their honesty.


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While I agree you can wait forever, there are sometimes points when it is good to wait a little while as newer and better value products can come like buses.

There's nothing worse than buying something and a month later a much better product comes out for less money. For example the Sanyo Z2 projector came out recently for not much more money than the Z1, but was a much better spec. Not only that, if you really wanted a Z1, its price quickly dropped about 200 pounds.

The trick is to know when to wait and when to just go for it. I think the original poster has been given good advice - the forum has already convinced me to wait till easter before buying a mid size lcd as a load are coming out then. Someone also reckons 30 inch lcd's will hit £1500 at that time (the cheapest is £1900 at the mo').

I think it's always a good idea to wait a few months these days as the direction of prices is always down and the direction of specs is always up. Use that time to research what you want and read the reviews as well us keeping up with the AV news. Regularly reading the forum helps big time.

Waiting more than a few months probably means you're missing out on the pleasure of ownership.


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I tend to take the view that there is a three-way equation at play here. The right time to buy is when it comes into balance.

Price vs. Standard/Features etc vs. your own patience.

Once your patience drops to a low enough point to make Price vs. Standard balnce out, you buy.

And you do so in the almost sure knowledge that had you waited, you'd be able to get something better and cheaper. But you are prepared to live with the consequences.

richard plumb

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I agree with Nigel, and my equation balanced out about two weeks ago now.

Another thing to bear in mind is where on the adoption curve do you want to be? Are you waiting for new screens to get a new screen, or to try and buy a current screen for less?

The first option gives you the luxury of timing, but the second means you have to be careful not to be too late. I wanted to pick up a Philips LCD screen when the prices dropped, but before they were discontinued in favour of any new screens coming.


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It also depends upon exactly what you are proposing to purchase. If it's a plasma then the new fujitsu screens will appear in the next 2 months, but the Panasonic screen should not be replaced until July/August.

I kept waiting for the next model, after 3 years I finally jumped in only to find that the one I'd bought was'nt quite as futureproofed as I would have wished.
But it does look good and I have enjoyed it for 4 months, only another 7 until the new model !



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By the time you've done a thorough forum search of all the models available, done some leg work and had some demo's, made your short list and sourced the cheapest price available. You'll then be itching so much to have one on the wall. That then is the right time.........only to see one week later someone raves about another new model at which point you wonder 'why did I rush into it'!

Either you are the type of person who wants the latest gadget or you're a frugal type who waits. And lets face it, whilst the latest model will bring changes, they're not always huge jumps in technology.


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