Wadia cd16. Add a pre amp?


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I am told that if I add a pre amp that the Wadia cd 16 , she sounds better.
Is that correct?
If so, should I be looking for a particular type of pre amp?


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This very much depends on a few factors.....

1.The quality of any partnering pre-amp being up to the same or higher level than the source.

2.The output stage of the Wadia being either unable to drive the input stage of a given power amp adequately,or of poorer performance.

3.IIRC,the volume control of certain CD players,and I think the Wadia included,worked in the digital domain,and did so by truncating the bit length,resulting in decreasing sound quality at very low volume settings.

If this is true,then using a separate preamp may well be beneficial,but you would need to be certain of this first.

You could certainly try auditioning a few decent preamps,and would need to be looking at those from the likes of Krell,Levinson,Conrad-Johnson etc to get similar levels of performance.


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I've known a couple of people with Wadias. Both tried running directly and I believe that both moved on to use a dedicated pre-amp.
As already stated, the problem is that you're going to need to spend a good deal of dosh to get the potential improvement.
Something that is synergistic with your power amp is going to be the most essential element.

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