W995 - No Idle/Standby Screen


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One feature I always liked about my old K800i was that when the phone was locked all it took was a quick glance at the screen and you could see the time or if you had received any messages/missed calls. Strangely this feature does not seem to have been ported over to the new W995. The phone must be slid open in order to view anything. When locked the screen is just blank.

Now, a few times when receiving a call or text when the phone is locked I have seen a glimpse of the lock screen clock in the large chunky SE font that was on the K800i but it quickly dissappears. It seems the phone does have it built in but the feature itself isn't accessible to activate from the menu or the softwarehas forgotten to have it show up. Anyone know how to activate this (if at all possible). It's a pain having to press buttons and open the phone just to check it when on other SE phones it is so much quicker and easier. It baffles me why they seem to have left this feature out of this model of phone. I wonder if an e-mail to SE support would make them include it in a future software upgrade?


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got a little confused, but the feature is there, press the volume rocker on teh side to highlight the info.
also, you do not need to open the slider to do anything. pressing the left then right top half-moon buttons buttons is also unlock and then you can use joypad to do stuff


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Ah, I see, you have to press the side volume buttons to bring up the info, but on other SE phones it is there without having to do anything, just look at the screen. At least the function is there, thankfully. I never even thought of pressing the volume button when the phone is closed.... d'oh!


I've had the w810i, w890i, and now the w995... unfortunately it's been the same with all these phones, one of the most annoying things about Sony Ericsson. Guess it's to save battery? Would rather have it all the same though.

K800i musta been a one off!

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