W4000 - ps3 - z260


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Hi All,

I'm hoping someone can help me.

This is my setup.

I have a Sony Bravia 46W4000, Ps3, Sky+ and a Dav Z260

W4000 - HDMI - PS3
W4000 - Scart - Sky+
W4000 - HDMI - Z260
Z260 - Optical - PS3
Z260 - Coax - converter - Sky+

Now, the issue I have is when I Play PS3 the sound comes from my amp which works great, but when I switch off the amp I want the sound to default to my TV speakers. When I switch off the amp I get no sound from the TV.

When I do the same with Sky the sound does default to the TV, which I believe is what should happen.

I have tried swapping the cables around but the same happens where the sky works but the PS3 doesn't. I have had a look at the settings on the PS3 and If I have it on optical sound does not come from the TV but if I change to it HDMI then I get sound from the TV but then don't get it through the amp when I switch it on.

At night the sound system can be very bassy so just want the option of having sound come from the tv without changing any settings.

Thanks in advance.


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in the manual,doesnt it specify that coax takes precedence over every other audio input - if - there is nothing to come out of the other input.
thats why sky works i think.


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I'm not sure if it says that although I will check. But even if it does I tried the coax connection that I use for sky on the PS3 and it's still the same where it works on the sky but not on the PS3 which makes me think it's something to do with the PS3 or the TV.


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Its nothing to do with the amp. Its because you have set the PS3 to output audio over optical, which overides the audio from HDMI. For the sky box it outputs audio on the scart and the optical at the same time, that's why it works for sky.

Whenever you want to use the PS3 without the amp, you will have to change the audio output to HDMI.
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I guess that makes sense but a real shame as I don't want to keep changing the settings.

So when I upgrade my sky+ to sky HD will that do the same as the PS3 as it also uses HDMI?


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No Sky HD outputs stereo over HDMI, while simultaneously outputting 5.1 over optical. In fact the only way to get 5.1 out of SKYHD is optical (or the option of coax on new pace and samsung boxes)

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