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W/S TV Sub £500 recommendation

Discussion in 'Televisions' started by mattrixdesign, Jan 28, 2004.

  1. mattrixdesign


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    I have just decided to sell an Infocus LP400 projector that I no longer want. Not sure how much I will get for it, but I plan to put the funds towards a new W/S TV. Currently my budget is £500, can I expect to get a TV for this price with Component Video (for my Toshiba SD330E Multi-region DVD Player)?

    I would also like to try and get 1 X SVideo (for My PS2) and at least 1 X SCART (NTL box), this would allow me to get rid of the annoying SCART switch box. 2 X Scarts would also save the problem, as I can use SCART for my PS2.

    Sound is all via a Sony 5.1/DTS Amp.

    I will go an buy an AV magazine at lunch time. In the meantime can any of you guys advise the best buy for £500 or even cheaper if possible.

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