VW11 filter and gain adjustments..help!


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Just tried out my new cc30R filter for my Sony VW11HT from 'Enhanced Home Theater'.
I didn't get the SMART software or photo cell, so I've spent the last couple of hours making adjustments by eye.
I think I've done done a pretty good job and the blacks are much better.
However, I was surprised at how little I needed to increase the blue & green gains to get a colour temperature that appeared similar to the factory 'low' setting. Oh, and I'm colour blind!
I've left the red gain at 185 (I believe with the VW11 its best not to max this out).
The green gain I've increased from 107 to 125.
The blue gain I've increased from 94 to 116.

If anyone has already done this and started out with similar gains in the factory 'low' setting, can you tell me if this sounds about right. Or does it sound like I've made a complete dogs dinner of it.
I used the Notting Hill DVD to compare flesh tones, and the grey steps in THX optimode on SW Episode I.

I really can't afford the whole SMART kit at the moment, so any words of wisdom here would be very much appreciated.


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I'd have to guess that doing this by eye, if you are colour blind, will be difficult.

However, the best way to a good colour image is to get a B&W image looking right. Then, full colour will look right, too.

I recommend a B&W movie rather than the optimode displays - because, with a full screen B&W picture, you can see the various shades of grey over the whole screen area, rather than in the optimode blocks.

The early scenes in 'Pleasantville' are good for this purpose.

As to your settings, they vary hugely from PJ to PJ, so comparing others is pretty meaningless. You target (to maximise contrast) is to get the three gain values as close to one another as you can. They will never all be equal, but Red should be the highest figure, and the others close behind.

IF the values you now have are 'right' then you could go for a more dense filter (eg CC40R). If you don't want to do this, then, provided it looks right, that's all you need.

You could increase red to 255 and then increase the others to give correct colour. This may (probably will) over-drive the red LCD. This doesn't cause damage - all it means is that peak whites, for example, will take on a slightly green tinge.

If you then reduce the main contrast setting, this has the effect of reducing gain on all three colours evenly so you can correct the red overdrive without having to go into the service menu again.

Can you persuade someone with unimpeded colour vision to help you?

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