VW Golf MK7 - Broken driver side mirror


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Hi all,

A rather annoying thing just happened to me.

I went to jump my car and the wing mirrors unfolded, as they usually do, then to my annoyance the mirror came unstuck fell to the ground and smashed. Attached is a photo of what’s left.


So I need some advice on how to best fix it.

Can I simply order a new mirror from Halfords and simply stick it to the housing? Since the wing mirrors are heated would this method affect the heating performance? Or, do I need to have the internals replaced in there entirety?

If it’s the latter, does anyone have any experience of replacing something like this themselves and know where to source the part?

Thanks in advance.


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if you stick a mirror over it I doubt it will heat up properly , online breakers I reckon is your best bet , I reckon there will be loads to choose from .....
It should just pop out. Best to just replace it for a new one. But make certain you get the correct one as many different models have different mirrors. For example it can be heated, can be auto dimming, can have a dead spot bit in it etc.


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Give what's left a pull round the edges and it'll pop off. Push new one from ebay on once you've connected up the wires for the heater. Done! Same happened to me but nearside mirror a few months ago.


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It should be straight forward. VW have not really changed the design, looks the same on my Mk4 and Mk5 golf. You may need to use a bit of force to get the old one off.
Yeah more than likely but at least I don’t need to worry about cracking the glass!


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Tilt the mirror one way to its extreme and you’ll see how it flips off.

Good idea to warm the rear of the new mirror glass, the plastic part which clips to the mirror itself, just to make the clips a little more forgiving.

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