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VuTec Velcro-Tensioned Fixed Screen


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Hi Guys,

I have recently purchased a new proj & screen. The JVC X9 proj has been brilliant :thumbsup: however I have a reservation regarding the VuTec screen :rolleyes:.

I have noticed a subtle effect primarily when watching football (2D or 3D). When the camera pans slowly left/right vertical bands (or dirty haze) can be seen on screen. It is only visible on large plain scenes (football field, sky, snow). My concern is that it's the structure of the screen itself reflecting back rather than anything in the projected image.
Although this 'interference' is indeed subtle, once observed, it is apparent with other media too and consequently distracting.

Before installing the screen, I unwrapped it from the roll it came on and noticed that it was heavily 'rippled'.
I assumed that once installed, under tension via the velcro fixings and acclimatised to the room, all would be ok and so have given it all a few weeks to see.
Upon recent inspection with a torch and with the lights & projector off, it is very clear that the ripples have not been fully removed by the velcro fixing and are the cause of the bands/haze.
Obviously having financially 'pushed the boat out' to get the best performance from my new system, this is very disappointing.:(

My retailer has been very helpful and has contacted VuTec who have 'offered' to replace the screen but want me to return mine first. . . .:mad:
The retailer has promised to speak to them again.

Has anyone else experienced problems with VuTec velcro tensioned fixed screens?:rolleyes:
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Hi All,

Quite a few views but no comments. . . .:(

Has anybody had any experience with VuTec screens or with any screens with ripples that cannot be tensioned out??

Please help!:lease:


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I have a 7' vutec and pretty happy with it .. I am now after an 8.5' since I am redecorating the front wall I may as well max out on the size.

Regards Steve.


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What sort of material is the screen made of ? If it is a high gain screen with glass beading, these are notorious for the effect you describe. The tensioning is absolutley critical and needs to be adjusted every so often as the screen stretches. Gentle warming with a hair dryer will help with the process.

All small aperture projectors with short (up to 4:1 ratio lens) will cause hotspots on the screen, and a high gain surface will often show glare. This may well be what you percieve.

I have always advocated matte bright surfaces where gain is not required. These limit the glare problem and because of the elastic nature of the surface, give a consistent surface.


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Hi Fellow Geeks and Techybods,

I have a VuTec Brite White fabric on a fixed frame with a JVC 3D X9 proj.
The VuTec fabric comes on a roll and is fixed by velcro.

The issue is. . .:(
The fabric has vertical creases.
The creases are induced by the process used to pack and parcel the screens.
The creases cause a viewable effect on the projected image (more info in earlier post).
Re-tensioning the fabric reduces the effect.
Re-tensioning and climatisation (been installed for 6 weeks) does not eradicate the effect.

Has anyone had a similar experience?:lease:

Is it unreasonable to expect that the fabric is delivered without creases??
I thought the point of the velcro tensioning was to prevent ripples/waves developing in the fabric rather than to remove creases induced in transit. . .:suicide:



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Hi there everyone,
Well my pursuit of the ideal screen match for my JVC X9 3D projector continues. . .
I have tried 3 different fabrics from VuTec but have had the same result (see posts below).
The fabrics are delivered on a roll and once installed using the velcro fix you cannot completely tension out all of the creases/ripples.
The subtle vertical lines/smears could be seen on all of the 3 fabrics, most clearly when watching 3D football :(.

VuTec have run out of suggestions to remedy and have offered full refund.

So what now. . . .:confused:

My supplier is Kent Home Cinema and they have been very helpful and supportive so I am considering buying from them a Beamax A-Velvet 16:9 Fixed Frame Projection Screen 248 x 139cm instead.

Has anyone got any comments or suggestions?
Is there a screen fabric that better suits 3D
Velcro fix/other fixes

Thanks in advance


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Hi Kebbidge,

Thanks for pointing me to this thread.

I have been very busy and have not had much time to stop by.

Your experience is exactly the reason why we don't use velcro. Nor do very many other manufacturers.

It's cheap to produce, hence the appeal for manufacturers, but a nightmare to get perfectly flat.

I am suprised to see Vutec use it.

So whichever screen you go for, make sure it's not one with a velcro fixation system.

As for the fabric, matt white is your best option. A bit of gain helps to increase the brightness of the image, but the necessity depends more on ambient light conditions.

Ambient light is THE determining factor the quality of your images. so always look at your room first.

A few bucks spent on your room are better spent than on a high gain screen.

I would suggest getting a few samples and take it from there.

If there's anything I can further help with, do let me know.




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Hi Otto,

Thanks for the quick response!:thumbsup:

I must say i wasn't overly impressed with the velcro fixing. It may work better on smaller screens however, I think the main problem is how the fabric becomes 'rippled' whilst on the roll. The thick velcro edges of the screen fabric prevent it from being tightly rolled so it sags and ripples during packing/transit.
Once installed you have to work hard to re-tension the fabric to try and remove these ripples.:suicide:
However, if you do not watch 3D or sports, the 'subtle effect' may never become apparent.

I have a dedicated room with thick curtains and mostly watch after dark so there is little light pollution. Incidentally the JVC X9 performance is excellent and apart from the 'subtle effect', the VuTec screen actually worked very well.

I'll try to see a Beamax 'in action' before making a decision but it seems the best option would be. . .
Beamax A-Velvet 16:9 Fixed Frame Projection Screen with standard matte fabric (248 x 139cm)

Thanks for the advice


Tight Git

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For what it's worth, I have the Beamax A Velvet (coincidentally supplied by Kent Home Cinema) and can unreservedly recommend it and them! :smashin:

Member 518284

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I'll try to see a Beamax 'in action' before making a decision but it seems the best option would be. . .
Beamax A-Velvet 16:9 Fixed Frame Projection Screen with standard matte fabric (248 x 139cm)

Thanks for the advice


Hi Kebbidge

I can definately recommend the Beamax material with JVC pj`s, infact i`d go with what Otto says and have a material with a bit of gain, especially with the loss of output when in 3D mode.

In a non light controlled enviroment we have good results with the 1.5 gain material, if a batcave then the 1.2 gain gives great results.

For your info the Beamax material is very flat and produces excellent focussing and detail.

Allan @ Ideal AV

PS. its nice to see good comments regards fellow Assured Advertisers as well, they`re good lads at KHC :smashin:
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Hi There Everybody,
Well my pursuit of the ideal screen match for my JVC X9 3D projector shows no signs of ending soon. . . :rolleyes:

So far i have tried THREE fixed frame mounted fabrics from VuTec and ONE from Beamax.
The problem is the same on all screens. . . .

Subtle vertical lines/bands/smears can be seen on the images from all of the fabrics, most clearly when watching 3D football but also can be seen when camera pans left/right on sky scenes, football pitches etc in 2D from various media.

All i can conclude is that the rolling up of the fabrics for transportation causes a slight variation in the relectivity of the fabric that the JVC X9 shows up clearly. . . . :(

My screen supplier Kent Home Cinema have been very helpful in trying to help us find a solution although they must be as frustrated as we are at the latest result with the Beamax. We all thought that the effect was just an anomaly with the VuTec that the Beamax would resolve. . . .

:confused:Is there a screen fabric that better suits 3D?
Would a 'drop down' screen avoid the rolled up fabric issue?
Has anyone got a similar set-up JVC X3/7/9 that they watch 3D footy on, any issues?


Any/all comments will be very welcome!!

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