Vulkan scoops Digital Photographer's Photo of the Week


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A thoroughly deserved reward for your skills and dedication to the art of photography vulkan:clap:


Yeah I knew thanks tobers.

I didnt really want to advertise the fact that one of my digital art works won as I didnt want to provoke the age old war of words.

Seeing as Tobers let the cat out of the bag though:smashin:

I have mixed emotions about that one being chuffed obviously and probably means I might be in the mag too:clap:...But why did they have to pick that one?.

As soon as I saw it on the front page I thought :rolleyes:here we go.

I suppose its testament to the digital age in a way, showing the different possibilties achievable with a digital camera and PS,with the average joe not really concerning himself or caring about the technicalities of the image, focusing on the asthetics instead.

Im sure that there will be those who will love it ,like the ones who have given me feedback...and of course the editorial team;)and be interested in how it was done and there will also be those who will slate it...

I dont really care and neither does a national mag it seems:D

thanks again tobers:cool:


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Congratulations Alex :thumbsup:
It's been an absolute pleasure seeing your work progress on this forum and I'm glad that you're getting some thoroughly deserved recognition :smashin:


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Nice one Alex. Even though it's obviously not your first choice due to the 'complications' associated with it I'd still be proud of the recognition.

Obviously it's not a real photo but I'm sure you tried your best ;) (If anyone missed that, it's called sarcasm :smashin:)



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Nice one Alex!

Even though it's not really a photograph anymore, it's a powerful image. To be honest, I'm a bit stumped to why it should be selected as 'photo' of the week when strictly speaking, it's not a 'photograph' However, that's me just being pedantic :D It is Digital Photographer magazine I suppose.

Anyway, a powerful, and very skillfully created image. :thumbsup:


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It may not have looked like that straight out of the camera, but it's still a beautiful image.
And it is for DIGITAL Photographer. Surely the Digital part implies all the stuff that goes with it. Jeez, these mags are chock full of hints, tips and tutorial discs on Photoshop. A bit much for some of the members on that forum to be so bitter when someone demonstrating talent with such tools actually gets recognition for it.:rolleyes:


I think he means it maybe should read image of the week not photo of the week;)...I agree

Thanks all


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Congratulations Vulkan. It's a really beautiful image and I don't care how much you manipulated it. There's a place for gorgeous in any photographer's portfolio.
Tom (another James)


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Nice one mate, well done:thumbsup:


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Very well done Alex, we all know what a great photographer you are but now you're being applauded for your digital art as well!


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Well done. :)

I wonder when we'll leave this business of is it a photograph, image or Artwork?
Cameras are meant to extend your creative ability after all, they are not glorified photocopy machines:lease:

Good one:smashin:
Im chuffed for you , Vulkanisation is leaving the confines of AVF , it seems:D


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Well done. :thumbsup:

Beautiful work....


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Well done mate...some very well-deserved recognition. I don't want to get into a 'PS' debate here - all that matters is:
a) You were totally upfront about what you'd done
b) The mag's editorial team made the choice.

Good on you - you do this stuff to an astonishingly high standard :thumbsup:


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Nice one Vulkan. :thumbsup:

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