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I bought this a while ago, when it was in a sale. I hadn’t even bothered downloading it until yesterday. Wish I had have done so sooner as it really is great. I’d read lots of reviews that absolutely rave about it, but I was a bit snobbish about the retro-looking graphics after being spoilt by the likes of DCS and IL2 etc. I guess the fact that it sits at number 5 in the all-time Steam VR charts should have been a bit of a giveaway. Overwhelmingly positive 97% from nearly 5000 reviews.

Another reason I’d held back is because I knew I couldn’t use my flight sim hardware with it. And the thought of using a “virtual” joystick etc didn’t sit too well with me. Another mistake, as not only does it work perfectly, it also means that I can play from the reclining chair, instead of having to play at the desk.

Because it has been developed solely for VR, nothing is compromised. The frame rate never dips, or stutters. The graphics are just rock-solid and smooth. The cockpit instruments are totally legible, without having to lean in as in all other flight sims. And, although simpler than your regular flight sim, all of the buttons, switches and dials are fully functional. Nothing is “just for show”. Sound is glorious, and engines roar, and afterburners really kick in.

So far, I’ve only done the training missions, but have already realised that I’m gonna totally fall in love with this title. The few times I’ve shot enemy planes down has been a revelation. Having been used to the DCS physics, I was amazed to see that the victims seem to meet their demise in a much more realistic fashion. No flat spins, or just lawn-darting the ground.

They’ve just released a helicopter that features 2-seat co-op play, and looks to being an absolute hoot. I’ll get some mileage out of the included planes before I splash out on the ‘copter, which is the only paid for DLC. Well worth a look:

So no HOTAS or traditional stick control support? Means it's going to be difficult to control once I start getting thrown about in my Yaw2 lol 😜


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Nah, it means less spaghetti trailing across the room. Also, you can “move” the virtual controls inside the aircraft,so you can anchor your hands in real life to the arm rests on your chair. I’d say it was the perfect game for your YAW thingy 😉😃


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Loving VTOL. It can be easily dismissed for its face value, but the depth that it has is incredibly deceptive. It’s an absolute delight to manipulate all of the switches, buttons, knobs and dials etc with the hands, rather than a mouse or pointer.

Just picked up the attack helicopter, the AH-94. What a total riot to fly. Spent too much time in MSFS lately, but VTOL is so much more fun. Just need to get to grips with the flight model, and controls before I can take the ‘copter into battle.


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