VT60 calibration tips anyone?


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I'm for the N'th time going to do a DIY-calibration on my set. I'm using Color HCFR and an i1 Display Pro which comes out pretty well in tests. Can someone in steps tell me the best way to handle things? Also, what are the maximum light output that's considered safe on material with static elements (such as channel logos). My current workflow is like this:

1. set 2 point gamma using 20% and 80% gray slides
2. correct any deviation using 10 point, starting at 10% and work myself up
3. then do a full grayscale + color check (both primaries and secondaries)
4. adjust color balance until reaching target according to HCFR and do a new check
5. repeating from step 2 if necessary to correct again

My target is a flat 2.4 gamma and I use 2.4 setting in gamma options. I also use mid panel luminance, but will also do one with low panel luminance because it generates less noise even if it's at the expense of the black level. I want a daytime mode that is targetting 90 cd/m2, is this too much with tv channels with logos? 75 cd/m2 seems rather safe, but it's a bit dim in some occasions. 90 is plenty bright, and the full 115 the set is capable of just hurts my eyes anyway, so it is excluded :)

Any comments?
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