Question VT50/arc hdmi issue - what is goin on?!


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Hi all,

Im really hoping some one can help. Firstly i hope ive posted this in the right section.

So basically the issue i am experiencing relates to arc/hdmi...

I own a bdve880 by Sony which is my 5.1 bluray home cinema amp/ is connected into hdmi2 (arc) Last night i performed a tv reset due to me fiddling with some settings with my tv and not remembering which ones to revert back - these were only advanced picture controls...

Anyway, i reset my blu ray player too and upon it rebooting it told me an update was avaliable.. Released on dec 24 2014.

Now i did the firmware update, no problem. Trouble is after using my setup today.. I am getting this issue. Now normally i turn my tv on and sky is up and running via hdmi1.. My sound runs through my 5.1 setup via hdmi (arc) and its all good, when i do switch over to hdmi2 say to watch a movie my sony amp auto detects this and switches over to the xmb screen (much like on the ps3) however! When i now switch to hdmi2 my bluray player stays on the pass through screen for sky, meaning i have to press 'home' on the sony remote control to get to the xmb screen, no big deal you might think however wen i start watching a movie if i flick over to hdmi1 (sky) what use to happen is the movie stops, and the pass through overtakes the sound and im presented with 5.1 audio fro. Sky with picture.however tonight the movie sound kept playing and yet the picture showed sky!

Is this an arc/hdmi/cec issue? Or more likely to be something that sonys firmware release has broke? Ive never ever had this before but then i have recently changed hdmi cables and done the tv reset so could it be that? (this issue never occured before though)

Lastly my panasonic vt50b remote control wont work with the sony anymore either?

But this is another thing thats wierd, when i switch everything off at the plug and back on it all goes back to how it was 2days ago and it the hdmi/arc issues are gone but when the tv and all my devices go stand by (off) when back on... Boom! The issue occurs.

I believe it to be firmware but my massive concern is that i cant honestly remember if it started doin it before the firmware upgrade or not..... Any help would be massively greatful! Thankyou so much.

P.S. The firware i downloaded is M07.R.0631... This was an upgrade from M07.R.0629
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You'd be better off asking this in the Bluray players forum where other users may know more re the player's firmware change...ask a mod to move it.


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Solved my own issue - Sky HD box seems to be at fault. The problem stems from sky picture settings for hdmi control it was set to on and it needs to be off, it interferes with the viera link thus causing the issues i have had. This also explains why it boots up from mains power down ok as it reindentifies hdmis via handshake, im guessing once my sony system then goes into standby when not used sky dominates the signal and overthrows my sony system. It also explains why when changing sources i get that green hdmi handshake issue sometimes. Bloody sky, useless!

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The moment SKY implemented HDMI CEC (SKY One-Touch-Play) there were going to be problems with other devices running CEC (Viera Link in your system).

ARC requires the TV CEC to be enabled so adding in another CEC implementation is potentially going to be problematic - you could just as easily point the finger at Panasonic as they like the rest of the market choose to implement CEC as a way to convince you to go with a 'one brand' solution!

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