vsx-ax3 vs vsx-ax5i



Hi there,
Could someone pls let me know if the vsx-ax5i sounds better than the vsx-ax3 because i am dithering between the 2.
I have read that they sound the same if you don't use the i link,is this true or not?
I would appreciate some advice
If you don't make use of the iLink then they sound exactly the same. The differences between the machines are as below;

1: AX5 has iLink, AX3 doesn't

2: AX5 has component video switching, AX3 doesn't

3: AX5 has a phono stage built in, AX3 doesn't

4: AX5 comes with more advanced learning remote than the AX3

5: AX5 has a double layer chassis for better isolation, AX3 doesn't

6: AX5 has USB input for streaming digital audio from pc, AX3 doesn't

That's it.
I've been thinking about comparing these myself since RS have the AX3 for £599.

Although i still don't know what a good upgrade would be from my 1803.
thanks crustyloaf, i think i will need to demo them both as i have heard that the ax3 sounds a little brighter and the ax5i is smoother.

I would welcome any more inputs if out there?
Crustyloafer, I agree with your list but would like to add that the AX5i

5- Has a double Layer Chassis construction (it makes it 1.5K havier than the AX3)

6- HAs a USB port for PC connection

7- Has phono input.

That makes it a comprehensive list


Oops Justy noticed you already mentioned phono stage built in.


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