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I've read the manual (3 times) and I'm still not sure of the best way of doing this.

At the moment my Xbox is connected to my Tosh plasma via a composite cable.
Sky+ by an SVideo cable.
problem is my plasma disables the composite port when the svideo port has a cable in it.
So if I want to use the Xbox I have to unplug the Svideo cable and when I've finished and want to put Sky on I have to plug it back it.
This isnt very easy as my plasma is built into a false wall.

The 2011 has got lots of video switching options, the simplest seems to be to run an svideo cable from sky+ to the 2011 plug the Xbox into the 2011 via composite then run svideo from the 2011 to the plasma.

Question 1, Will this work ?
Question 2, Will it affect quality ?
Question 3, If there a better way ?

Thanks in advance for your feedback



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The main problem is you are sending the amp two different signal types S-Video & Composite, not a problem in itself but I don´t think that your amp has Video Conversion so it won´t convert the Composite signal from the X-Box into an S-Video signal to be passed through to the plasma tv.

Will the X-Box output an S-Video signal? If so, then you´ll have no problems as the amp will just pass it thru and on to the plasma.

Just bear in mind for amps/receivers that have no video conversion, whatever signal that is input can only be output in the same format. i.e S-Video to S-Video, Composite to Composite etc etc


As Jase says, the D2011 will only put out a S-Video signal if you feed it with one, it doesn't convert like the AX-10 does. However S-Video leads for the X-Box are readily available, or you could go for a component lead which is even better picture wise.

Oh, and WTR to picture quality, it's doubtful you'll notice any loss from going through the amplifier.


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Thanks, for the info.



You could output RGB via the scart on the Sky+ as well. So if you get a scart-component cable which puts sync on green, and have the Xbox using the component output cable (Any GAME shop sell them) you have the best possible connection and you just need a single monitor output from your 2011 with a component cable to your Tosh Plasma.

The only uncertain for me is:
1. Does your Tosh support RGB with sync on green on its component inputs.

This connection works like a dream with my Sanyo PLV-30.




As Dejongj says, you can go component for everything, but if you run RGsB through the D2011, you'll need to switch Tosh's input mode between RGsB and YUV or whatever it calls Component video, when you switch sources.

Check out the plasma forum for ways to go from RGB to YUV.

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