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Could apply to the original arcades as well. But, does anybody out there who likes, unique and rare oddball games, right along with their typical, and favorite action/strategy type games....ALSO like the somewhat shunned VS fighters?

X-men VS Street Fighter
Marvel Super Heroes VS Street Fighter
Marvel VS Capcom: Clash Of Super Heroes
Marvel VS Capcom 2: New Age Of Heroes
Capcom VS SNK: Millenium Fight 2001
Capcom VS SNK 2: Mark Of The Millenium/Millionare Fighting 2001

I like my standard vetran-type, big name games and games series, and all the various stars and mascotts in the games and enjoy a lot of the popular games, some taking skill, some just being a lot of fun action, but I don't see why some people badmouth VS fighters. They ARE intended to be absurd, crazy-fun for about 20 minutes, then you walk away. Over-the-top, insane, "pile it on" action that that makes you drop your jaw and utter, ".....crazy."

It's just a fun atmostphere game. Lots of fireballs, lasers, and explosions. Sayings laced throughout the game that just scream, "You're going to have fun." Sayings like: Lets go crazy, welcome to the adventure, i wanna take you for a ride, and all of the sayings the announcer in Capcom VS SNK 2 says. All of this bundled together is great in my opinion. It's like creating your first video game modification along time ago, if you've ever done such a thing. You know, you put about 50 of the weakest bad guys in a small room, whipped out your biggest weapon, and turned the room into a giant blender with one pull of the trigger, and laughed. These games are essentially a similar concept, and guess what? It's fun. Does the game ONLY say Street Fighter in the title? Or ONLY King Of Fighters in the title? No, it's not a huge franchise series effort from the company, it's a small little super star studded millenium slugfest. Street Fighter and King Of Fighters are for the people who get into the scientific fighting aspect of games - myself included for Street Fighter.

I find them fun and it's a good break from normal games. I've been hacking away at Capcom VS SNK 2 and Marvel VS Capcom 2 on the Dreamcast lately.

Anybody else feel similar?

On the side, I need to vent on my beloved marvel vs capom 2 -

What I don't like -

Around this time, Capcom got into the habbit of putting lame and out of place jazz lounge-type music or slower paced technoish music into a majority of the parts of the game. I can sort of agree on one part. Yes, with this modern super crazy fighters that capcom has been releasing for the past few years, the music may be fitting. Why? Only because of the graphics/background scenes. It creates a little bit of a peaceful, and "awe" feeling. But I think it'd be better to stick to what they used to, super hero music, and catchy guitar riffs. Music that's fitting for the environment, but something that has a catchy beat to keep up with the battle. But for Marvel VS Capcom 2? Come on! Why not have relative music for each character, ONLY when they're on the screen? They did it in Marvel VS Capcom, why not the sequel? That'd make the game come off as a super hero fun slugfest WAY easier. I guess is saves space though :-(. They didn't have enough characters. There are some BIG people that either weren't in the game at all, or were in the first Marvel VS Capcom which makes it seem even more weird. Like, Arthur. The endings. Oh yeah, what endings! Marvel VS Capcom 2 was great, I'm still playing it and really do love it. It's crazy fun and these lame areas do kind of grow on you, but the game would've been instant "God-like" as far as Capcom's intended objective goes if they would've catered to some of these ideas a bit more.

They need those catchy announcer sayings from the earlier VS fighters, absurdness of the newer ones, along with individual character music and halfway decent ends, and I think Capcom could pull off the instant "god-like" megafight game they've been trying to do.

Too bad they couldn't make a Marvel VS Capcom 3 - A Legends Reunion or Marvel & Capcom VS SNK - A Legends Reunion, or something similar, and polish up these dangling ends.


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Marvel vs Capcom the arcade version is completely awesome, one of the reasons I am considering buying an X-Box :p


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Yup, I love the Vs. Fighter games i think they are great.


Are there any rumors or news about capcom trying to release another landmark monster battle anytime in the future?


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Didn't get time to fully reply to your post earlier.

I know what you mean about the music, in MvC the music is awesome where it changes on the character, also the special characters are super cool, Arthur is a bit lame though!

I love the Ryu music theme, but why is he so poncy in this game? Hangin around with his sailor boys at the start of the match, and he is not that tough either...... :(

Makes me wanna play it now :p


Originally posted by CrispyXUK
Yup, I love the Vs. Fighter games i think they are great.

How about mortal kombat VS Street Fighter 2....But in 2D as trying to do a tekken game would ruin the mix....if it aint broken dont fix it.



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Nintendo vs Sega :)

That would be pretty funny


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lol yeah, Mario V Sonic, Megaman V Alex Kidd...would be class!

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