VRO File Mystery: DVD-RAM to DVD-R

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    Convert DVD-RAM discs with TV programming originally recorded in the standalone Panasonic E50 into DVD-R. In another words I want to convert VRO files into VOB. Also I hope that my own experiences described below can help others. I am willing to collaborate in enhancing a current guide on this subject.

    Reference System #1:

    Standalone DVD recorder:
    Panasonic DMR-E50

    DVD Disc:

    File Format:

    Recorded Video Size:
    2.42 GB (3 hours, 36 minutes and 31 seconds)

    Operating System:
    Windows 2000 Professional

    DVD Rewritable Drive:
    LG GSA-4120B

    Software Used:
    PowerDVD 5, WinDVD 3.2, TMPGEnc Plus 2.5, TMPGEnc DVD Author, Nero OEM, MPEG-VCR V3.14, MPEG Video Wizard 2003, Power Producer 2 Gold and IsoBuster 1.6


    1-Windows 2000 Professional does not recognize (read) the VRO file (VR_MOVIE.VRO). As you may know the DVD-RAM folder contains 3 files: VR_MANGR.BUP, VR_MANGR.IFO and VR_MOVIE.VRO. Windows 2000 only shows .BUP and .IFO files.

    2-PowerDVD and WinDVD both can read and play the entire VRO file without any problems

    Reference System #2:
    Note: Same as system #1 except the operating system is Windows XP SP1


    3-Windows XP can read the VRO file (VR_MOVIE.VRO).

    4-TMPGEnc DVD Author only reads the first 2 minutes and 55 seconds of video, nothing else. Tried copying to the entire DVD-RAM folder to the hard drive and changing the VRO file extension into MPG. However TMPGEnc DVD Author will only read the first 2minutes and 55 seconds.

    5-Same as TMPGEnc DVD Author, MPEG-VCR V3.14 and Power Producer 2 Gold can only read the first 2 minutes and 55 seconds of video, nothing else.

    Current Solution:

    6-Used MPEG Video Wizard to import the VRO file and export as a MPEG2 file.

    7-TMPGEnc DVD Author now can read 3 hours, 34 minutes and 44 seconds (NOT the entire recording 3 hours, 36 minutes and 31 seconds). I edited the video to cut adverts, created a new menu and was able to convert into VOB file.

    8-Used Nero to burn the DVD VOB file into a DVD-R and DVD+R discs for media and equipment compatibility tests.

    9-I can tell you that I was able to watch the video without any problems on standalone DVD players and PCs.

    Solutions Steps:
    Used MPEG Video Wizard 2003 from Womble to import VRO file and export into MPEG2 file. Next I used TMPGEnc DVD Author to edit the MPEG2 file and convert into VOB. Last I burnt the DVD-R disc using Nero.

    Unsolved Mysteries/Questions:

    1-I want to know what driver, patch or other, is needed to get Windows 2000 to recognize VRO files.

    2-I can’t understand why PowerDVD and WindDVD can read the entire VRO file and other programs can’t.

    3-Still can’t figure out why TMPGEnc DVD Author can only read 3 hours, 34 minutes and 44 seconds (after I was able to convert into MPEG file using MPEG Video Wizard 2003). Not sure why and how I could get it to read the entire video 3 hours, 36 minutes and 31 seconds.

    I would like to know your experiences and recommendations on how you got it to work, helping me and others to understand.

    Thank you for your comments and suggestions,
    Wilson :lease:
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    Jun 9, 2004
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    West Midlands, UK
    I would like to know if anyone has managed to find a programme that can recover multiple recordings from DVD-RAM recorded in different formats. I have no problem using Womble if the recordings are of the same type or even XP and SP but as soon as I try XP or SP with Long Play or Extended play on the same DVD-RAM I have difficulty. I believe that there is a Panasonic software program that used to be bundled with some of their PC DVD-RAM drives but have never seen it. Apparently this software will handle differing recording formats from a single DVD-RAM
  3. wilsonrio


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    Hi Tabatha,

    The Panasonic software that you are referring is DVD MovieAlbum. This software is bundled with the Panasonic PC Multi drive and DVD-RAM camcorders. http://panasonic.jp/support/software/dvdma/prod/v4up/.

    Using DVD-MovieAlbum SE (LF-D321U only)

    Panasonic also had a software agreement with Software Architects (DVD video file converter). http://www.softarch.com/us/products/index.html

    Panasonic Press Release:

    I have not used any of the software mentioned above. However I am also interested to know more about it.

    Wilson :)

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