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A bit of help needed. I've got VM 10Mb broadband and I've had it all set up with a wired (NOT wireless) router for years. I'm using the router as I've got a NAS box and a Stream box and until recently had another PC on the network too.

In the last few days, I've been having problems accessing the internet. Pages load extremely slowly or not at all. If I access speedtest.net, it loads very slowly. The download test (eventually) says about 2Mb and the upload test hangs (interesting).

The router can see the cable modem as it gets an IP address and the DNS servers. The PC can see the router config page and the PC has a correct ip address from the router.

I've changed the cables
I've reset the router to factory
I've got rid of my fixed IP address for the PC for the moment

What else can I try?
Now, when I connect the PC directly to the cable modem, internet access is OK and speedtest.net reports a full 10Mb download speed and upload speed is fine. This would imply that the problem is ay my end not with VM unless they have changed something at their end.

Any ideas - has my router had it? I would have thought that if it had gone I would get no connectivity at all rather than a bit.

Thanks in advance for you help.
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Does the router pickup the same IP address,DNS etc as when you connect the PC directly to the modem.

If they are different try cloning your PCs MAC address. Most routers allow you to clone the MAC address, so you could clone the PC MAC address onto the router.

If the router and PC pickup the same IP address etc it would look like a faulty router.


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I think the router and PC are picking up the same VM IP address. At work at the mo so I'll check tonight when I get home and report back. Thanks:smashin:


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Have you tried a firmware update on the router?
Firmware doesn't "wear out" over time, so unless you can identify a problem that a new firmware fixes, I wouldn't advise changing the firmware. You could end up adding problems from the new firmware on top of those you already have.

One way to determine whether it's the router that's the problem, is to swap it (temporarily) with another one and see if the problem disappears. Have you got a "mate" that can lend you one for a night?

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I had a similar problem which was finally tracked down to replacing the modem and a small metal box (resistor or booster or something).

It did come to light that the connections were a little loose. Maybe the super lightweight modems allow a little twist on the connections and eventual unscrewing.

Check them over. I called VM even though I had a router and switch installed and neither of the two engineers who came on two separate occasions even mentioned it.

They were very professional. I wish I had called earlier.


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