VR Laptop or Desktop for streaming?


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Hello people,

Looking for some help, changing my MacBook Pro I have had for 10 years and is now not really usable!
I have recently got an oculus quest (having come from a PS4 and psvr) and love the no wires and also half life was my old fav game!
So 10 years without a windows PC and looking for something I can use to stream games to the oculus quest.
I know a desktop is cheaper but I would need to have it in my work office upstairs and I play my quest in the front room downstairs.
Do you think streaming would be ok or would I be better getting a gaming laptop so I could have it in my front room when I play?
It will just be used for streaming steam games to the VR and pretty much nothing else.

Any help of pointers would be great!

Budget under 1k


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From what I gather Facebook don't allow streaming game services so your going to have to sideload it, using something like VRridge to do streaming duties via local gaming PC or use remote desktop software to send display to VR headset.

Cloud gaming services are not supported though some can be forced to work but in sub-optimal ways. Plutosphere is advertising support for cloud gaming but again this must be sideloaded.

if you want to avoid spending money on a gaming PC and have a good internet connection then something like GeForce Now can work, which is a cloud gaming service, you buy the games from PC digital store fronts then access them through the GFN client.

GFN is a subscription based service and for use with a TV the optimal client would be a laptop connected to the TV or the Nvidia Shield set top box. For laptop you can use Playnite with GFN plugin as console like interface.

Or just use GFN on your laptop, any basic laptop will do but something with a good WiFi or wired connection to internet router would be best. You can use GFN on your Mac as well if its still somewhat functional or just to try it out.
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