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I know there is a specific thread for Oculus, but I see that there seem to be VR Headsets/Erm, stream from pc to phone in a cardboard box thingy popping up everywhere at the moment.

So we have:
HTC Vive
Playstation VR (Presuming this wont be for pc at all, someone let me know)
Razer OSVR
That appear to be a tv strapped to our face, and then we have:
Samsung Gear VR
Vove VR
Zeiss VR
Avgant Glyph
Google Cardboard
Trinus VR
....the list just keeps getting bigger, and these are pretty much a mobile app with some form of mobile phone container that makes us strap a mobile to our face with stuff as little cost like a £3 piece of cardboard with a couple of lens' to £50-200ish 'headsets.'

I'm thinking about trying one of the ones that you get an app for your phone with, with motion tracking maybe, which uses the app as a client and streams the game to the phone as it's a nice cheap option to 'test the water with' as it were, and I know of some apps that can stream with little lag, so I imagine that the apps 'might' be ok....

....as for the others, £300-400 odd seems a little steep for me, so I'd prefer to see how I get on with a cheap method whilst waiting for prices to come down, and I'm pretty sure some of the more expensive one's will 'flop' and have an overall 'winner.'

Has/is anyone going to try any of the above methods?
Any thoughts?

I think poor / cheap VR will put you off VR before you ever really try it. Lagginess causes VR sickness and its not nice. Be cautious of cardboard VR.
I was on the verge of picking up a Google Cardboard kit for my iPhone mainly to view some of the 360 youtube videos, but then decided I'd rather wait for the real thing.
A friend of mine has the Samsung Gear VR and he thinks its awesome.
still waiting for more info on VIVE. AFAIK they we be taking orders in 4 days and we still have not even seen what the consumer one looks like.
I just sold my dk2 as I could not get it working properly on Elite in win 10 (I followed the guides but believe it or not it was corrupting my windows install on my M2 SSD!!!

so now I am VRless and itching for more info :)
The E: D thread has gone VR crazy so thought I'd start a VR thread. Found this so have given it a bump.
The more I read and see the more excited I get for it. Maybe we can use this thread to post any links, videos, news etc.
Saw this this morning from jack frags. The last part of the video where you see the tech demo 'tilt brush' is stunning!

This is the video of the Disney artist referenced;
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I don't mind choice but glancing at thst first post it just looks like there are far too many getting thrown out there.

Think I'd of preffered a set of standards were agreed upon and just a couple were released.

A few of them will probably fail mind and just end up with a couple anyway.
The one that the pornography industry embraces first will be the platform of choice, and everything else will follow from there. Same with all new technology ;)
Tiltbrush does look absolutely brilliant. I have watched several videos of people sketching with that and it impresses every time, I can't wait to try that.
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Tlitbrush does look absolutely brilliant. I have watched several videos of people sketching with that and it impresses every time, I can't wait to try that.
Your slight spelling error made me read titbrush. This and the previous post and were on to a winner!!
Your slight spelling error made me read titbrush. This and the previous post and were on to a winner!!
Sorry about that, I have no idea how that L crept in .. :D
Your slight spelling error made me read titbrush. This and the previous post and were on to a winner!!
Is it wrong that I read the same thing? :laugh:
When I saw Google Cardboard a few weeks ago, I thought it was a joke. Looks quite odd.
I love the Google cardboard concept
To pre-order the Rift or not?

A previously tried the VR Gear with my S6 and the Virtual effect was great but very disappointed with the visual detail/quality and really obvious screen door effect (plus I got a bit motion sickness)

Really was like looking at a zoomed-in Nintendo DS with pixilation/SDE.

Have they resolved this with the Rift/Vive ? My PC is more than capable.
Personally I am suspicious of it being a rift beater but that being said, open source cheap and even if it on a par with dk2 it will be interesting.

Just so long as it is compatible with steam vr so it has some games

For some reason the comments aren't showing on my screen now, but earlier someone posted "I'm a dev and I've all of them, and this was way off the Rift".

In truth, I wish it was a Rift beater (or as good), as that could only be good for us. Be interesting to see how VR in general develops :)
"I'm a Dev and it blows the rift out of the water."

Always best to avoid comments to sections. They're normally full of idiots.
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It would be greater if some cheaper units made their way onto the market so soon. Especially if they can be supported by existing developers.

Hopefolly the flood of DK2s onto the second hand market will help too. When I first got mine I was playing it on an i5 2500 and r9 290x and it was still 'wow'.
Has anyone tried intugame? Ive ordered a cheap VR headset from amazon and was hoping to try some games using my 6 plus with the new VR headset (mainly GTA V). It streams the game to my phone and headtracking is enabled on the intugame app but when I move my phone nothing happens. Do I need to enable something on my phone or do I need another app to make phone act like mouse?
If bonetown Vr comes out i am sold, battlezone will be good though would remind me of the old cabinet
Just read an interesting snippet apparently oculus have no interest in hmd exclusives. If you read say eve is an oculus exclusive it means you will have to buy it from the oculus store BUT apparently the devs are free to support any other hmds that they want over and above the rift. This can only be good news imo
It's sensible more than anything.
Would take a lot of money to lockdown these games from the big developers.

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