VPN option to remote connect to home network


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Hoping for some assistance and advice....

Having a few issues with getting a stable connection on openvpn running on synology dsm nas.

How I have our network setup at the min is that I can remote connect to our network via OpenVpn that runs on my HP N54L running Synology dsm. I have this setup so I can access my media files and docs remotely whilst away from home.

I dont seem to have a stable connection though.

I am currently away from home and had a connection this morning but now unable to connect so looking for an alternative solution to set something up when im home..... I dont even know why the connection wont connect this evening as was working fine this am but now unable to get the connection......

Previously, I had a raspberry pi setup as openvpn server but found the connection slow.

What other options would you suggest to run something stable and with a fairly decent speed?

Router is VM business supplied Hitron.
N54L is hardwired from a 5 way unmanaged switch next to the router.

I have been looking at the VPN routers from TP-Link as the alternative but unsure if this would work?

Any suggestions?


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I suggest the first thing to do before throwing money at the problem is to establish what the cause of the issues are: No point buying something new if the issue is outside your control - say it's at an ISP or DNS service provider or some such or you haven't got sufficient bandwidth.

What are the symptoms?
Does the DSM have a logs that cite any error messages?


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I dont actually know the cause of the problem at the moment.
Cant access the network remotely to check any logs until im back home...

I had it working fine but now cant even connect via openvpn app. Just times out.

Bandwidth shouldnt be a problem as have an unlimited package from VM with 500mbs download and something like 70mbs upload.

Symptoms are basically I cant connect to the network via the openvpn app on any device I have with me....... Just times out connection.

I did have my brother reset the router yesterday to try and reestablish connection but even this hasnt worked.

Like you say, I really dont want to spend money if unnessaccary but looking for alternatives that may be more stable.

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