vpn error with orange livebox


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hi, my client is getting the 806 error when trying to connect to my vista host that i believe uses the Inventel orange livebox. i've associated the port 1723 with my host ip but i think the issue is the box not permitting protocol 47 (GRE). there's doesn't look to be anywhere to enable/check for this. the settings are pretty naff. The PPTP port rule along with many others seem to be predefined so u’d have thought VPN is supported! anyone else had experience VPN'ing with livebox's?


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Are you trying to VPN to it or through it?
trying to vpn to it. vpn'ing out works fine.

Good luck - Orange do not support VPN. Do a google search for orange and VPN.
I had been googl'ing a lot and realised their tech support won't help with these issues but it's unclear if the actual provided router supports it. there's a few forum posts that tend to be about 2 years, floating around the web but even then it's still unclear if people had been successful.
Gonna try this later to test the status of protocol 47
I'm not aware of the Orange Liveboxes having on-board VPN capabilities (same can be said for many of the ISP-supplied routers). Many will state that they have support for VPNs, but this is in a pass-through capacity in order to allow the non-TCP/UDP element of the tunnel to be established (protocol 47 in the case of PPTP, and either protocol 50 or 51 for IPSec).


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Also, some routers support IPSEC through out NAT but not cannot do backward translation ie Skys Sagem routers.


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Didn't get very far with pptpsrv and pptpclnt. the version of support tools i had where for XP and i not sure pptpsrv runs correctly on vista or windows 7- i'll need to try some other socket monitoring programs. this is what i got:
Error 10048 binding Socket:
WSAEADDRINUSE: Address already in use

Created socket for GRE protocol test

Listening on PROTOCOL 47 for incoming GRE packets...

The client seemed to work but on checking the vista server later, there was no change in the above text.

Client output:
Initializing WinSock...
Obtaining host information...
Successfully resolved server's host information

Enter data to send to server (between 1 and 255 chrs.), then hit enter:

Successfully connected to server using TCP port 1723 (PPTP)
Sending data to server

Waiting for a reply to the data which was just sent...
Received a reply. Reply contains the following text:

Connectivity test to TCP Port 1723 was successful!!!
Closing down socket...

Creating a socket to test GRE protocol traffic...

Total GRE packets sent = 1
Total GRE packets sent = 2
Total GRE packets sent = 3
Total GRE packets sent = 4
Total GRE packets sent = 5

Check server to see if the GRE packets were received successfully

Closing down socket


MSDN says this:
Address already in use.
Typically, only one usage of each socket address (protocol/IP address/port) is permitted. This error occurs if an application attempts to bind a socket to an IP address/port that has already been used for an existing socket, or a socket that was not closed properly, or one that is still in the process of closing. For server applications that need to bind multiple sockets to the same port number, consider using setsockopt (SO_REUSEADDR). Client applications usually need not call bind at all—connect chooses an unused port automatically. When bind is called with a wildcard address (involving ADDR_ANY), a WSAEADDRINUSE error could be delayed until the specific address is committed. This could happen with a call to another function later, including connect, listen, WSAConnect, or WSAJoinLeaf.
I guess there's some kind of conflict somewhere!

- just run a netstat -a
under active connections there is one occurance of port 1723
so it seems ok?!
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