VP50 and 1080p 72 and 75hz


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Hi Everyone,
I was looking at picking up a VP50, BUT
want to be sure that it can do 1080p 72 and 75hz??

I will be using it with my Marquee, for mainly PAL equipment, SKY really,
I am not happy with the HD Leeza scaling of PAL, it is REALLY BAD

I asked Josh at DVDO, but haven't got an answer back from him,
Can someone confirm for me this works??

Is anyone else using this resolution with a CRT???

Appreciate any comments



1080p at 60Hz is all you will get due to bandwidth limits

ie can only get upto 165MHZ on output (single link )

even with reduced blanking timings it is around 167 MHz

so think you are out of luck

manged to get 1920 x 1200 out but only at 55HZ refresh


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Thanks Martin,
I was hoping to go the VP50 route,

But looks like the C2 is the only one that can do 72 and 75hz at 1080p.

Much Appreciated

Barcoing Mad

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C2 definitely happy with 1080p 72/75 (but too high for my M7500)....custom res's easy to set up, although several of the supplied are Marquee friendly.


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Not heard anything good about the menu system, not intuitive apparently,

But I am open to comments
We've yet to see Radiance's menus.

The old Lumagen models one could say the menus are a bit 'DOS' like, especially when compared to Crystalio's lovely GUI; and can be hard to navigate about.

However, there is an upside which is that (almost?) everything you can set has a numeric code shortcut from remote control, e.g. one can press MENU 1234 then 56 to set value 56 in shortcode 1234. This means that changing settings can be done very quickly without using the GUI at all, futhermore, great for infra-red macro control.


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