VP-W80U Samsung Camcorder AV Cable Wanted


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Just bought a used VP-W80U Samsung Camcorder to discover what was on a couple of old 8mm tapes I found. Now need to record these to digital format but have no AV cable for the camcorder.

Does anyone on here have a suitable VP=W80U AV cable I can buy or possibly point me in the right direction of where I can find one.

Also, any recommendations for buying a suitable 8mm tape to digital converter device?

Thanks, Roy


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Also, any recommendations for buying a suitable 8mm tape to digital converter device
You may be better recording the tape to a DVD using a recorder.
The A/V cable may be a problem but if the camera socket is a 3.5mm then a TRS to RCA connector could work. Because my A/V outputs are stereo audio and video I got my cables from Maplins who used to specialise in the Sony or the Canon/Panasonic connections. I suggest if you can take the camera to a local Maplins, you try with their range of cables to get a suitable connection.
But if you have only two tapes, you may find it easier to get a professional set up (or local video club) to download the tapes to DVD.


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Just need to find a suitable converter device now.....
Not had any experience with these as I used FireWire for transfer to my PC but EzCap seems to be a good unit. (but beware of imitations) Avid had a unit called Dazzle which they used to supply with Pinnacle Studio. Unfortunately it is a case of some work for some people but not others.

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