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keith symonds

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:hiya: New to this but want the best.

I have ordered and am receiving a Pio 5000EX on Wednesday 23/8/06 :clap: and Sky HD installation 9/9/06:rolleyes: , After reading all the posts for info on VP's and the various settings (from stoomonster:clap: ) I am wondering how good the VP conversion section of the 5000EX is ?, if the sky hd via HDMI is set to 1080i the Pio has to deinterlace to 1080p. so the question is,
In the opinion of the various Experts on the forum, would the inprovement gained from either the CrYstallo II or the Lumagen VP's converting 576i upto 1080p justify the outlay of almost 2/3's the cost of the plasma ? How "bad" is the video processing straight out of the box for the Sky & Pioneer ?
Any thoughts and suggestions as to the way to go ? also want to get a good dvd to go with it when there are a few more HD titles about,?

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The C2 will do an excellent job for you, having run it with Sky HD for a couple of weeks now feeding both a projector and 32" screen.

Do you really have to be stuck with a 50" plasma?

keith symonds

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OK thanks for that, as you may have guessed I am only now realy trying to get into all the different options of having a scaler / deinterlacer and dont realy have much idea of the kind of difference it makes / would make to a brand new screen, which I would have thought going by the cost of it should have the same sort of chips inside as used in the seperate processors ? obviously without the same sort of setup options, but sirely pretty good ?


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You won't get the same sort of processing in a plasma as you would in a dedicated video processor.

You need to decide what the main viewing will be and what budget you have to play with. The Lumagen HDQ is very good with Film processing. The Crystalio II is better with Video processing. You also have the VP50 and Lumagen Radiance products which should be available by the end of the year.

So, at the moment the choice is really the LumagenHDQ - SRP £1599 - or the Crystalio II - SRP £2999-£3699.


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