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Voucher Trading Compliance – PLEASE READ.

To ensure a safer trading environment for all, please follow the points below:

SELLER’S: Whilst it is not compulsory to supply a picture, we would encourage you to upload one for verification purposes. Be it an email screenshot, a photo of the actual voucher or a receipt that clearly shows the amount for sale. By extension, a failure to comply to a specific request for one will see the thread locked.

BUYER’S: DO NOT and I repeat, DO NOT deal with anyone who attempts to sell you a voucher via PM. Should anyone receive a PM from another member offering a voucher, please report them to us. This not only ensures fairness to those selling on the thread but also, minimises YOUR risks against being potentially scammed. Furthermore, should a seller (particularly a new seller) request to take an agreed deal off the forum to a platform such as; WhatsApp, Text or Email - decline and report them.

Vouchers are fast becoming the new currency for potential scammers and an unwillingness for transparency is usually a good indicator of dishonesty. For your own financial safety, please keep all trade negotiation / finalisation on the forum.

Lastly, this goes without saying – use your common sense and trade sensibly, particularly where high-value amounts are being negotiated. Secure all details of the other party and check them. If it is a new member selling high-value amounts, question it, ask for visual verification and question it again. Be very mindful of hard sell techniques such as requests for half up front etc. This is not to discriminate between new members because 99.9% are completely honest. However, the overwhelming majority of those who sign up to defraud are new members. BE CAREFUL - BE VIGILANT.

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