Vonets 11N-300 and Innuos Zenith

Mike Hughes

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I appear to have an intractable problem.

No Ethernet in the living room and not practical, but, good wi-fi. Acquired an Innuos Zenith and to get up and running I was recommended the above device. Instructions are useless as is the video. Several things I’m not clear about. Video says you can configure it via laptop or smart phone. Suggests you need to plug the Ethernet into the laptop to configure but isn’t clear whether that’s for configuration or just because afterwards that’s the device you’re going to use it on. Ditto with smart phone set up. Appears to set up a new hot spot but it’s not clear whether that’s just to give you a choice using the phone or whether that then means the wi-fi to Ethernet has been set up so it can be used on any device. Also I’ve a laptop with wi-fi but no Ethernet connection and a home PC with Ethernet but no wireless card.

Having got it to set up a wi-fi hot spot last night we reset it as it wasn’t obvious what to do next. It’s supposed to be fully functioning from a reboot but the web page froze and as I say, what the heck next.

I don’t want to unbox the Innuos and DAC; plug in and find that I’ve no network connection.

I came across this page at How to Set Up the Vonets Wifi Bridge which suggested I could unplug the ethernet on my home PC and plug in the Vonets Ethernet And configure from there. I plugged it and booted it up. Browser wouldn’t go to which is the pre config page nor the Vonets.CFS page which is post configure. Bizarrely it then let me onto the internet. I’ve no idea how. There’s no wireless network card in the home PC and the normal Ethernet cable from the router was unplugged as there’s only one Ethernet connection and the supposedly reset and unconfigured Vonets was using it.

It‘s now flashing blue and fast which suggests it’s a hot spot but my iPad can’t see it nor can my sons iPhone. No idea what to do next and I just want to get the Innuos up and running for Christmas. Is it meant to be a hot spot? What the heck is going on.


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The simplest way to get an ethernet connection where you need one is through a couple of Homeplugs. The server would be more reliable if it had a wired connection.


Mike Hughes

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Thanks but I’m not looking for alternative solutions nor ones that add noise into the system. Rather I’m looking to get the Vonets to work.

Mike Hughes

Active Member
Managed to replicate it working on the PC and find it’s new IP address. Have logged in; confirmed it’s already working in bridge mode; changed the password and am now off to do some unboxing.

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