volume output from amp (dropping lower) than before ???


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Mar 20, 2002
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have noticed recently on my 3802 that i need to increase the volume more than i used to for 2 channel modes ie tuner/cd/etc now need volume at about -17db aprox where about a month ago (-17db) would have been very loud, fronts are set to -3db (a previous setting i think was +3db , not certain if amp is (going on the blink) or how i can tell if there is an amp problem any advice would be welcome, thank you
The reason the amps sounds quieter is the fact you have the levels set at -3db, which is now 6db lower than before when it was +3db.

Theres no problem with the amp.:)
i was using 3802 with cdm1nts 50-120watt 88sens fr/res 60-20 set up to -75db with spl (not sure but as i recall it was about +3 for fronts) have sent b&ws back to service dept to check them out) i am currently using old m/short speakers sens 89 fr/r 60 watts 15-200 set up tp -75db with spl , so it is the differance in speakers that are affecting the settings???? the master volume setting now, as regards older settings, thanks again, ps when i demoed 3802+cdm1nts cd only direct mode, the volume setting on demo amp was -10 to -15db, when i tried this at home this setting would have been far to loud, (as you kindly state there is 6db differance re-3 to +3db which alters how volume level is (percieved)
The sensitivity difference between the two speakers is only 1db, so theres a slight difference. Usually the higher the sensitivity, the higher the perceived volume at any given level. E.g 91db sensitivity speakers at -25db on the volume will sound louder than 88db sensitivity speakers at the same volume.

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