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Hi all.

A mate of mine has just bought the new Yamaha ‘357 receiver. I went over the other night to help him set it up and was surprised how quiet the test tones were. I recently recalibrated my Denon and found the test tones were pretty loud. I had no problem achieving a nominal 75dB set up with the unit set to a “normal” listening volume. However, when we set the Yamaha up to a reasonable level and then switched on the test tones the volume was barely registering on the lowest (60dB) scale of the meter. We turned up the volume and the tones reached a reasonable level allowing us to equalise them all but that volume was way too loud to use for normal TV viewing. His room is not huge (about 6x3m) and he’s using Yamaha’s own sub/sat speakers.

So, the question: Does the often recommended 75dB level for test tone setting matter? We calibrated his at a lower level but surely the point is simply that they are all equal at the listening point.




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Ideally they should all be at 75db when the volume on the Amp is set at 0db. Playback at this level would then equate to Reference Level. As you've pointed out, as long as they're all equal you'll be fine setting them lower. :)


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Thanks Jase. The advice I was following simply said to set the volume to "normal" listening level and then calibrate to 75dB. Mine was calibrated at about -40dB so I hate to think what it's be reading by the time I cranked it up to 0dB! I'm not sure what volume we tested his Yamaha at but that explains the discrepancy.

Thanks a lot,


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