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I've struggled with this for a while. Music from different genres and decades plays at very different volumes on Spotify connect. Most of my listening is from Spotify supplemented with a few locally held files of some obscure stuff that is not on Spotify via a range of different things. Mostly using Logitech Media Server into a couple of Chromecast Audio pucks and an Airplay device. LMS delivers a 320kbps Spotify stream encoded in Ogg Vorbis.

As I understand it the latest Spotty plugin 4.6.0 allows LMS to apply volume normalisation rather than that job being done by the Spotify App. Unfortunately this magic doesn't work with Ogg Vorbis file type for a reason I do not understand. I'm told that to get the volume normalised I have to disable Ogg Vorbis and allow LMS to convert to stream to PCM.

I only applied that upgrade and change today so I havent done a load of objective listening, but the volume does indeed seem to be much more consistent from track to track. The music though sounds a little less distinct - like its a more compressed format. It might be all in my head of course.

So finally my question. Will this conversion from Ogg Vorbis to PCM probably be degrading the stream?


Ogg Vorbis is an audio encoding for LPCM, so conversion from Ogg Vorbis to LPCM is meaningless.

What LMS is actually doing is the normal decoding of tne Ogg Vorbis encoded file tracks to obtain their LPCM contents. The thing that may explain what you are hearing is the volume normalisation of the decoded tracks, not the decoding of Ogg Vorbis to LPCM.

Have you noticed a difference between the Chromecast Audios playing the Ogg Vorbis encoded tracks and the same Ogg Vorbis tracks decoded to LPCM without volume normalisation?
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I need to spend some time finding the right music and do some critical listening I think. I haven't spent enough time on this to be anywhere near sure. I also don't understand the process well enough to make an informed choice with the optimum settings. My Spotify plugin setting for the "file types" looks like this.


Ogg Vorbis disabled to allow for Volume normalisation. I have no idea if disabling PCM to just allow FLAC or disabling FLAC as well and just leaving PCM will make any difference at all.

Having the music at a consistent volume would be great so I'll keep on experimenting with the settings.

Thanks for your help here as I'm I a little out of my depth.

the groundsman

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After listening for a bit now and toggling the settings.

I detect no difference between Ogg Vorbis encoded tracks and the same Ogg Vorbis tracks decoded to LPCM without volume normalisation, but I do notice a different when I disable PCM and LMS says "705kbps CBR, Ogg Vorbis (Spotify) (Converted to FLAC)". I would say this sounds a bit less clearly defined between say vocals and bass/rhythm sections. So I'll be leaving the PCM setting enabled.

When I enable the volume normalisation I can hear the volume noticeably reduced on quite a number of tracks and the converted to PCM still sound better to me than the Converted to FLAC ones.

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