Volume Knob issue on Kenwood KR-V 9030


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Hello, recently I've had problems with my Kenwood KR-V 9030 that I brought out of storage recently. On the first day powering it on after a long time, the red LED on the volume knob lit up. This indicates power is going through the 'Master Volume Control Board'. However, a few hours later when setting it up, the LED disappeared and there was no sound coming through. This initially made me confused so I played with all the settings till I accidentally switched the power selector which thankfully only blew the fuse (from what I can tell). A week later, I replaced the fuse and the unit turned on with the red LED restored! After which the unit ran well for about 10 hours. However, now the volume LED has disappeared once again and lost power to the Master Volume Board. I somehow was lucky when I entered test mode with all segments lit on the VFD. Keeping it all lit for a minute or two. However, when I switched to another test mode, all the other segments switched except for the "TUNED" indicator which was flickering and some how brought power to the Master Volume! Tested all the functions and played well until I turned it off and came back the next time to see the problem had reoccurred. I am lost for ways to troubleshoot and would really appreciate all your help to solve this issue. This was a solid receiver and I really don't want to give up on it. Thanks in advance!

Edit: The 10 hours the receiver worked well was on multiple occasions and not in one run.

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