Volume Correction on Pany TX-P46G15


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I am a little bewildered, (onset of old age) by the menus on my new Panasonic TV and would appreciate a little guidance from a like owner.

I have just changed my TV (Phillips 36” CRT Pixel Plus) for a Panasonic TX-P46G15 a SC-BT200 Theatre System and had the upgrade to Sky HD.

I have linked the TV with the Theatre System and Sky box using HDMI. I have also connected fibre optical connections between the Theatre System and the TV and Sky box.

Out of the box and with help from the settings given on the forum the picture quality in HD is awesome and the sound stunning.

However, I have been trying to adjust the volume settings from each of the source inputs using the ‘Volume Correction’ feature as described in the User Guide so as not to blast your ears when switching between sources – I am familiar with the feature as the old Phillips had what was called ‘Delta Volume’ setting.

The sky volume is half that from a Blu-Ray and there is less of a difference but nevertheless a difference between Analogue and FreeSat TV.

I have read the posts on low volume from the Sky HD box but hoped that the ‘Volume Correction’ feature might go some way to correcting this.

When I try to access the Main Menu where Picture, Sound and Setup are displayed and select Sound the only option I get is to adjust the headset volume?

Is this because I am using optical connections and there is no adjustment or am I doing something wrong?


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I have searched the posts and think I have found my answer.

As both the Theatre and TV are Panasonic once I enabled the VIERA Link the TV menus are disabled on the TV because the Theatre System now handles the sound. Obvious you would say...

Why Panasonic couldn’t point this out in their ‘gobbledegook user guide’ beggar’s belief.

Why do you sometimes feel that user guides on most domestic appliances are designed to intimidate, belittle and confuse the average user? You have to ask the question, does anyone at Panasonic, except their own experts read these documents?

I wonder what the 'Plain English Campaign' would make of them?

There again, if they were easy to understand the need for this forum would be diminished so, "BRAVO TO GOBBLEDEGOOK":clap:

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